Where to buy an oak staircase, balustrade and flooring near Aude

Hi Folks,

Finally tooke possession of our house in Aude (only took 8 months to complete the purchase!!) and now we are into the renovations.

I need to replace a dangerous staircase (quarter turn) and instal new flooring and a balustrade on a mezzanine. I would like to do it in oak but am struggling to find suppliers of either the balustrade or staircase. I have somebody lined up to install it but can anybody recommend a timber merchant that either sells oak stairs and balustrades or will make one for a reasonable price? The photo shows the style I am looking for. Thanks.


DIY shops or a menuisier ébéniste, look in the yellow pages or ask eg the notaire who handled the sale for a recommendation, assuming you don't yet know anybody else. You need to narrow it down a bit as well, Aude is a whole département and there might be a fantastic timber merchant who won't supply you because too far away or whatever.


Thanks. I am closest to Couiza.

There's one in Couiza called Nicolas Bifante, (I know nothing about him, I live a couple of hundred km away). Why don't you go and see him? If you don't like him the pages jaunes tell me there are another 350 menuisiers ébénistes in Aude.


I have searched all the DIY stores any nobody seems to supply oak, only beech. It will need to be a smaller merchant I think.


Escaliers Bois SARL, Le Goutal, 11290 Lavalette

I still think you should ring the one closest to you first, it'll at least give you an idea.

Thanks. I will try going round there once I am back out (I am in the UK just now) but my French probably isn't good enough for a phone conversation just yet.