Where to buy French plumbing parts

I’m trying to get hold of a Soil Pipe 3 Boss pipe connector like the one below.


However I don’t seem to to find anything in France like this.

Just wondered if anybody with any plumbing experience knows where I’ll get something like this.

I’ve looked four hours online but can’t find anything that that fits 100 mm French soil pipe.

If you take the photo to your local plumbing supplies emporium, or even the local brico shed, they should be able to advise you on the best equivalent, using the necessary component parts…
Personally, I doubt you’ll find that exact thing.

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You might be able to use one of these connected to the 100mm vertical section.


I’m sure we used these people before for bits for our new build…

Are these guys any good? The ones shown are 110mm, might be worth contacting them - TRM_Trading

Something like this?

Hi Sarah,
Try this, hopefully some local stores close to you.

Culotte de branchement 67°30 100mm


Try Tereva if you have one nearby.
You might also need something like this https://www.manomano.fr/p/manchette-de-reparation-pvc-mf-93-100-first-plast-504823#/ if the two pipes are exactly 100 mm.

Wonder why the hyperlinks are not showing previews in this thread??

@Nigel-at-BUF-House Fleur’s link is ok… it should just have been placed on a new line.

Try Le Roy Merlon. They are not cheap but have a lot of connections for plumbing that most run of the mill hardware places don’t have. If you don’t find that fitting pre made they do have the connections to achieve what you ultimately want. Good luck