Where to buy good quality bed linen?

One problem I’ve found is that most duvet cover sets only provide for square pillows - although we bought our pillows in France, they are rectangular.




We have now transitioned to square - seems easier to comply.

I’m surprised it’s a problem Our local Leclerc does oblong pillows and pillow cases as well as square and we are in the boondocks! :slight_smile:

We much prefer rectangular pillows. There are plenty of these on sale in France, and rectangular pillowcases on their own. My beef is that there is virtually no choice for rectangular pillowcases in matching duvet cover sets. We can’t even buy in the UK as our duvet size isn’t available there.

Have you looked at M&S France? They seem to offer both in French and English sizes

I’ve given up trying to match French duvets exactly to English duvet sets (which I prefer) so I just buy the larger duvet cover and put the slightly smaller duvet inside. Given that I already am generous with my duvet sizes - double on a single bed, king on a double bed etc - a little bit of extra duvet cover doesn’t notice.

Is there really a difference other than one is easier to get than the other - comfort is the same.

Oh no! I’m with @Vitesse A rectangular pillow I can tuck into the back of my neck. A square pillow just flaps around above the back of my head where I don’t want it.

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I agree! They just don’t seem as comfortable!

So speaks someone without herniated cervical discs!!

Can the comfort of a cushion vary by different shapes in plan?

It’s how it supports a neck. Square pillows seem to end up either with too much under one’s shoulders or your feet out the end of the bed… not doubt one could adjust in time but when both options are available why bother!

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The most comfortable pillow I ever slept with was a bolster as long as the bed was wide - a marvellous old ‘sleigh’ bed in a FR farmhouse. The bolster had feather stuffing, I think. It certainly wasn’t foam.

I got rid of the sq pillows my rental provided - there’s just not enoughh of a sq pillow unless one sleeps like Tutankhamun - and bought a 120cm long bolster so that wherever I am in the bed - left,right, middle - I’ve got pillow under my head.

Problem is, it’s foam and not very comfortable. Can one buy feathers to stuff stuff with? Do they do kits for stuffing duvets? I’m determined to replicate that farmhouse bolster.

Readily available. Search for plumes d’oie or plumes de canard and expect to pay about 20€/kilo. 2-4 kilos should do a winter weight duvet as long as you’re not sleeping outdoors!

Why not buy two or three rectangular feather/down pillows and stuff them inside a long bolster cover and then sew up the bolster cover ends.

Why don’t you just buy one! They are traversin and readily available in foam, wool feathers etc etx.


IJ was gobsmacked to discover (after also having a wonderful feather bolster that we inherited from DH’s grandmother) that (I think) Intermarche sells them!!! Couldn’t beleive my eyes when all the pillows here seem to be non feather! We always sleept with it down first then a thin feather pillow each on top - still miss it! Really need to buy it next time I see it!

I did look around but you know what they say [usually after a plaintive plea after scrabbling in the fridge] ‘Men can’t find anything unless it’s got a pair of Bristols’

I shall look … :slightly_smiling_face:

Plan B! And a very good one! Not sure about the sewing bit. Tiling, electrics, plumbing, flat-packs assembled chop-chop. Sewing? I can just about re-attach a button.

Not sure if you saw my comment between my waffle! If you have a biggish IM near stry them.