Where to buy little boxes of raisins?

I’ve been searching for little boxes for raisins to give my daughter as a school snack but I can’t find them anywhere. Do they sell them in France? If so do you know which supermarket?


A 42.5 g box of raisins , which usually comes in a six pack , contains 26g, or up to six teaspoons, of sugar . This is nearly the same as a can of Coke at 33g of sugar . Even the smaller 14g boxes of raisins that come in large multi-packs can contain 10g, or up to three teaspoons, of sugar

There must be something more relevant to healthy snacking (if that is not a contradiction in terms) generally available…
What do other kids mums give their precious little ones?

However the equivalent amount of fresh grapes would, presumably, contain just as much sugar and no-one would complain that a handful of grapes in a child’s lunch-box was not healthy (or perhaps they would?).


Well my three lived on those little boxes of raisins and are all now perfectly healthy adults with no fillings. They will keep a small child in a pushchair occupied for ages!

Sadly never found them in France so I resorted to sponge fingers instead!

Try one of the bigger supermarkets maybe?

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School age? Buy raisins en vrac in the bioshop and put them in a little box.
Here traditionally there would be no snack. Breakfast, lunch at 12, goûter at 4 or 4.30 but you need more than raisins, supper at 7.30 or 8.
(I gave mine those sunmaid boxes of raisins too, in the UK, when they were pushchair size.) They don’t really need to be grazing all the time though and school may well not approve.

Buy in bulk and put in a little re-usable tupperware type thing