Where to buy the LHD car, UK or France?

Prices, registering etc Not much else to say! your experiences muchly appreciated :slight_smile:

I was concerend about this before coming to live here, but I’ve been driving my RH drive car here with no problenms so personally when I replace my U.K right Hand drive I’m going for another right hand drive, which may possibly be cheaper here s/hand.

English prices a lot cheaper than French. We bought a super C3 from LHD Place in Basingstoke and it was delivered. Delivery man may or may not require bed for night and/or lift to airport - small price to pay. Excellent service and friendly helpful people. Look on their website for complete stock list.

Axa require 13 years before a full NCD is available to you.

Seems like the question of where to buy a LHD car has been answered, wish I had thought to look in Belgium. Anyway for help registering a car in France have a look at Registering A Car in France. Its an article I wrote to record my experience, hope its helpful.


Yes, we bought ours from Belgium too, about three months before we moved over here. At that time LDHs were prohibitively expensive in the UK and Belgium was much cheaper than France. Not sure if the differential is still as marked. Re-registering it in France was 1000% easier that importing it from Belgium to the UK.

Living in the sticks - twisty roads, lots of tractors, there’s no way I’d keep a UK car once moving here, unless I always had a co-pilot. And the dog’s useless at that!

For insurance try and dig out as many old UK insurance certificates as you can to prove how long you have been driving. 5 years NCD is not full NCD in France. If you can prove that you have had insurance for 10 years or more then you will get a bigger discount here.

We bought our LHD in the UK - it was much cheaper than the same sort of car in France. I assume from the logbook, one owner he’d been in Spain & moved back to the UK then traded it in to BMW who put it to auction & we bought from a private dealer for a good price. We’re getting the certificate of conformity from the UK as BMW France wanted 200euro. There is another thread on here from a while back I recall about this. Also for an easy route you could use www.myfrenchcar.com this chap will do it for you!

Have a look at my blog post Car Troubles in August last year as well.

Can anyone advise on the nuts and bolts of buying and then registering your car in France. How does insurance work in France? I have a letter from my current insurer confirming I have more than 5 years no claims bonus. I spoke to someone who is selling a car (on AngloInfo) and he said it was insured until September so is insurance organised in a different way in France? Thanks for any info.

I bought a LHD drive second hand car here in France, and I wont be doing it again.
If you compare the same car RHD price in the UK, to LHD here in France, the difference is a lot.

change the headlights ( covered under windscreen insurance in France ( we get a lot of stones thrown up by lorries near us)), bit of paperwork, elec bill, passport etc, et voila, Richerd est la frere de votre pere.

As usual, my opinions may not be suitable for all

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Bring your own over with you as long as its not a jap import, registering is so easy, hour max if you go with the correct paper work, this gives you plenty of time to get to know how much to pay for and where to buy a french car, if you choose to buy lhd and you can sell your rhd one over here for silly money, its great. I have a lhd van for work and rhd car for profit and driving either is never a problem so dont worry about that aspect

Hi. We purchased ours seven years ago whilst still in the UK from Belgium (this was the cheapest place in Europe to buy a left-hand drive car) from a man who went over to the garage, did all the paperwork and then delivered to us. We then registered it with the DVLA then 4 weeks later left for France. We then registered it in France which was pretty painless. Unfortunately, my wife had an accident and the car was written off. New second-hand one was bought from a local dealer in Pau at a rather inflated price but if anything went wrong… Big mess up by the garage on the MOT, as pointed out to us by a Gendarme one very cold night, which took a bit of sorting out.
Secondhand cars do seem to be more expensive here. Generally, people round here (just north of Pau) recommend Spain.