Where to buy your vitamins, supplements and other natural products cheaply!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have really dry and sensitive skin. I have to be very careful about what I use on it and always go for natural type cosmetics. Unfortunately these kind of products are often pricey so I also have to be careful about where I shop.

Some time back, I was whinging on about both my dry skin and feeling generally run down to my friend Fiona, she suggested I try coconut oil for the skin and a range of vitamins and supplements for the rest. Now my friend Fiona is a fount of knowledge about all things healthy, plus, she always looks great, is enviably slim, has amazing skin and is generally a good advert for her own advice. She's also extremely bossy and not the kind of person you want to cross, so I tend to listen to her.

However, I was concerned about the cost. I needn't have been as she put me onto iHerb - a US based site - who sell vitamins, supplements, skin care, baby products, spices, seasonings, tea, dried fruit, insect repellant, pet products, hair dye - you name it and if it is a natural product, iHerb will probably stock it. In fact they stock over 35,000 top-rated health products and offer incredible value for money and a generous customer reward scheme. Products are frequently discounted and it is well worth checking out the Specials page.

Browse the full range of products here

They also do a Trials scheme where you can try a product at an even lower price than the regular price and...*drum roll*... a page I have only just discovered with my latest order, a Freebies page where you can treat yourself to a free gift every time you order. I've just snaffled a pair of moisturising socks! (Sssh don't tell James...)

So far so good, but you are probably concerned about the shipping cost. Well don't be! Standard delivery to France is just $4 and even the more expensive rate for much larger parcels is only $8!

I use iHerb all the time and have found the service excellent, the prices incredibly competitive (especially when compared with buying from the local pharmacy) and best of all, I got through the whole of last winter with just one cold - so get your Vitamin C and D stocks in now!

And best of all....they have a really generous reward scheme. As soon as you order, you will be given a code which you can share with your friends. They will get a discount and you will get a credit towards your next order. This can really add up. I've only shared mine with a couple of friends a $27 credit on my last order which is not to be sniffed at.

So here is my code - SSG436 - use it to get $10 off your first order and then tell your friends!

Yup, happened to me too once - airmail all the way now - cheaper and not that much slower!

I have had additional customs charges when using DHL, but not with ordinary airmail (for people like iHerb). So I don't use DHL for that any more. Indeed I only used it because it was a special offer, far cheaper than usual, and tracked, and faster, but once I'd paid the €40 or whatever in customs and extra fees I was well out of pocket.

Using the airmail option is generally ok. Never had a problem thus far ( six years of regular orders ) but choosing DHL can incur charges. However as this is also the more expensive delivery option it's not really a problem.

Look at import rules : as from a certain amount you have to pay import-duties and VAT, if there is a doubt that they are médicaments, you will never receive them !

Extra 20% off Madre Labs, Body Care Selection

Just about to place another order, who's used them recently? Any bargains to be had?

I just took a look at simplysupplements. As ever, wanting vit D, SS have a BOGOF that gives me 2 x 180 capsules of 2000 IU for £14.89. Postage may be free, don't know as I need to register to find out. Hate that. Anyway, at iHerb I have 360 capsules of 5000 IU for about 10 Euros as shipping is 4$ and I'm ordering four. They are hard to beat. Interesting too that UK suppliers typically offer lower doses of vit D. 2000 Max at SS, 400 I think at Health span. IHerb even has 10000 IU capsules.

We have always got them from http://www.simplysupplements.net/

Hi Josephine, all of iHerbs suppliers are listed here, you should be able to find out the provenance of each product via the list.



Where are the products made?

Sounds good - about to take a peek ...... :)

Looks brilliant! :)

Whilst we are on a health post, has anyone heard of 'The naked Bee', its a fab skin cream i found in the usa that has NO chemicals in it and uses essential oils all organic. I contacted the CPY and they said that it was stocked in Europe, but having done some searching, cannot for the life of me find a stockist.

Thanks Ian

I've just done a quick comparison, admittedly only on one product, but as you have mentioned them I thought it sensible to check it out.

Healthspan offer 5-HTP - 60 x 100mg for £13.95 + delivery of £3.95 ...

iHerb offer 5-HTP - 60 x 100mg for $9.86 + delivery of $4 (typical ...

Healthspan €21.48 inc. delivery

iHerb €10.39 inc. delivery

The Vitamin D that I get from iHerb isn't available from Healthspan. :-(

I will stick with the US using Euro, its a better exchange rate for me and shipping is super cheap.

I'm sure the US-based company provides a good service but I would like to tell you about the similar, and outstanding, UK-based service I have been using for many years - originally when I lived in the UK, and now for the past 12 years in France. This is from a company called Healthspan, who are based in Guernsey, with a call centre on the UK mainland. You can view of their catalogue and prices at www.healthspan.co.uk, and order online - or phone them on their UK number 7 days a week ! Delivery from within Europe is prompt, and obviously there are no problems with the Douanes. They publish an excellent free magazine, which they are happy to send to France; it contains interesting articles by British doctors and medical experts, and frequently compares Healthspan’s competitive prices with those of others like Holland and Barrett. In all the years I've been dealing with them I've never had a problem, so I wouldn't think of changing !

Yup, I use iHerb too. Amazingly cheap compared to buying here, no delivery issues either.

Hi Catherine, I have been using Iherb for the last couple of years and they are FANTASTIC;; I have never ever had a problem with delivery, so quick it makes my head spin, never an order mixed up, and best of all the revieews that people give once they've been using a product are really helpful. I have never had a problem with the douanes either.