Where to find a cat

Hi, we have just relocated from NZ to the Lot Valley (46) in France. We have bought our small dog (minature Dauchaund, Stella) with us and we now want to add a cat to our family.

We are keen to get advise on where to find either a kitten or young cat.

We have looked on www.leboncoin.fr, but it would be great if we can find other sites or places to go.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you Peter and Dace,

It was lovely to meet you and I for one can't wait to see photos of Sugar in his new loving home!! take it easy, cats don't like to be forced into anything as I'm sure everyone else on cat Chat will tell you.

Give him a great big hug from us all at Chats du Quercy

The good news is we visited Lynn at her cat shelter and we now have a new member of our family,
A lovely all white male know as Beano and about to be renamed Sugar.
He is still taking his time to adjust, but it is looking fine we are taking Lynn,s advise and getting him slowly adjusted to us.
I will post some photos soon.
Lynn and her merry band of helpers are doing great work and since our visit, we are having a bit of a spring clean to see what good condition unwanted goods we have, that can be donated and sold in their shop.


The small ads on ebay.fr list animals for sale.

Oh pleade do not worry you will find one very easily.

They usually come to you.

Mine now speak english

I will do if he still needs a home and I find a car fast enough. Shaun won't enjoy a 400 mile round trip in one day (and a lot of driving for me) but we'll see - I love the inventor of the PSP.

He is the most adorable cat Valerie, and Regina is quite right, where ever you get a cat from, it is for their lives of up to 20 years, so a 200 mile trip is nothing!! Treat yourself and have a day out into the bargain!!

Valerie, we even drove ca. 500 km from Lyon where we live to the Dordogne, to adopt 2 handicapped cats who nobody else wanted from www.phoenixasso.com ! How crazy is that? But we got to visit a beautiful part of France where we had never been before, met such wonderful and dedicated people (Richard and Sheelagh) and ended up with the most adorable and affectionate cats on earth :-)))

I'm terrible - I've just fallen in love with 'Gnocchi', Lyn's newest post on Pet Rescue but I think the distance might be prohibitive to go and get him when we arrive next month - probably about 200 miles. That would make cat number 3 - Binka and Chloe would probably have a nervous breakdown for the first week, as would the dog, but he's adorable and I'm sure they'd make friends given time.

I agree about having two. My two males give me plenty of entertainement time. Ted the wise old sage, and Tomsk the naughty young boy who loves winding Ted up!


Good luck, Peter

I'm quietly hoping you fall in love with more than one and end up with at least two - hours of free entertainment.

I'm looking forward to reading your success story.


Good luck! I hope you will find your cat as soon as possible, since "A home without a cat is not a home"!



Thank you for all the great replies and advise, we are now just looking at all the sites and will make contact, I will keep you posted on our results.

The only thing I can add to this Tony, is that taking kittens where the mother remains unneutered is just adding to the problem of the many unwanted litters and abandonned kittens, as well as adding to the lack of care for the mother cat. Obviously, yes take the kittens but only if the mother is to be neutered.

It is also the law that cats and kittens are identified before rehoming.

Hi Peter,

Just to confirm that we, at Chats du Quercy, have many cats and kittens ready to go to their new homes.

Have a look on our website and you'll see them in full, glorious colour!

www.chatsduquercy.com, or just give us a call and I can explain more fully. 05 63 94 73 97, we are just in the Tarn et Garonne, 20 minutes from Montcuq in the Lot.

Best wishes


Hi Peter

You could always ask around where you live. Just let it be known you're after a kitten, and I'm sure you'll get offers.


http://www.survivefrance.com/group/petrescue?commentId=3339392%3AComment%3A55804 Seriously, I'm starting to hate my machine today. This SHOULD be the link to the Pet Rescue page if it co-operates. If not, type Pet Rescue into the box top right of your screen.

I'll go away now.


Hi Peter, Welcome!

Sorry if this appears twice - my messages are REALLY playing about today.

I would immediately suggest you to go look at the Pet Rescue group - there are so many abandoned cats and kittens that need a warm, loving home. Please look there first before looking for any adverts, pet shops, breeders etc.


Hello Peter,

welcome to France! It is great that you want to give a cat a good home! There are sooo many cats looking for new owners. The best place would be to go to your local SPA (Société de Protection des Animaux).

Lynn Stone is a member here and runs a shelter not too far from you http://www.chatsduquercy.com. Should you be on Facebook, you can also find them http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chats-Du-Quercy/158267427544827. Lots and lots of beautiful cats and kittens are up for adoption.

You can also look under http://www.phoenixasso.com/, a great organization where we got our rescue cats from.

Good luck and keep us informed!