Where to find a sewing machine?

Hi, I've been looking for a sewing machine capable of handling thin soft leather and have had no luck. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find one? I'm in the Charente Maritime.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Claire, thanks for the info, good to have a recommendation as to which sewing machine I should be chasing after! By the way, the bustier is quite a piece :-) I'm with you, I prefer good second hand serviced machines. Thanks again.

I have a Bernina 1030 which is old but very good and I would recommend this machine to anyone. I also have a semi industrial Bernina 950 The 1030 handles soft leather better than the semi industrial in my opinion. I have sewn; book covers, skirts and a bustier in soft leather with no problems just need to have leather needles.( photo attached of bustier)

I am always a fan of pre loved older machines as opposed to new plastic cogged machines that are cheap but can't take much work. You money will always be better spent on a 2nd hand serviced machine from a good sewing machine shop. Just my opinion.