Where to find an employment coach

Does anyone know where I can find an employment coach who is bilingual? My job has become beyond precarious and I need to find another pronto or face eviction from France and permanent ruin (I am not overstating here).

I've applied for jobs over the past 2 and a half years answered only by stony silence. I'm not bilingual and not a European citizen and have no employment/business networks useful to a future employer. I have excellent English skills, diverse experience and qualifications but don't know where to look to secure employment. I need an employer who will pay a special tax to employ me and who has the legal know-how to get around the documentation. The job would need to be approved by the French Government ie employing me and not someone French. I'm sure they exist but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

My written French is not good enough to impress a company with a lettre de motivation in that language. I can be understood but it's clearly not good French.

Desperately seeking help to keep my dream alive. Any suggestions as to who could hepl me draft an intro letter to recruitment agencies appropriate to my skills and generally help me get a job?

Hello again;

Emily that sounds really interesting!

I hope this isn't discouraging, but I'd just like to add that to qualify for the Pole Emploi one you need to be 'Inscrit' (ie on their books) and for that you must sign that you are available for work. They can call you in to meet a 'Conseiller' the week after your application & you have the choice between 2 or 3 dates only , or you re struck off ("radié) & must start the whole process again. So it's difficult if you're already working (unless maybe you have proof that soon you will be unemployed? Perhaps if you go to Pole Emploi in person you will bypass the standard internet application procedures & find somebody understanding..)


PS a Bilan de Compétence costs around 1,750 euros with a coaching company

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A 'Bilan de Competences' is open to everyone who has been in employment a certain length of time,for people who want to change career or look at possibilities of devloping further in their area, and can be financed by your company's OPCA (training funding body), or by the Fongecif (regional training fund). It takes a while to organise (think in terms of 4-6 months)as you have to meet 3 consulting firms before choosing one & they are often busy, plus once you have done so & sent off the correct forms, there is a delay of 45 days before starting.

This is the link to the Paris Fongecif which might be a useful starting point for you:


All the best, Angela

Thanks so much Steve.

They do exist here , I had the services of one (http://www.profil-rh.com ) when I was made redundant. I visited about 3 here here in Lyon before choosing the one I did. Whether you can find one close to where you are and that speaks English is a different matter.

Suggest you google for < "bilan de competences" Epernon > and see what that throws up.

Hi Frances, I've just seen your post, and hope that you are doing ok and copying with the situation. I can help with translating your CV into French and may be able to help with your search if you still need it. I've sent you a friend request so we can private message. Lynda

You could write another 2,5 years, only to find yourself in the same situation. Your chance to avoid this situation are international French companies who are having the need to survive on international relations, so Banks and other players in the financial sector... If you are in Paris you may be lucky, the other place might be Sophia Antipolis near Nice. The rest of France shares the same view like Nigel Farange or Madame Lepen, so its absurd provincial.

But above all you need something to offer what a company needs, desperately needs. All the other international companies are beginning to close their activities in this country because the changes the current government puts in place will have consequences for the next decade, so excerpt for e.g. such a sugar sweet monopolists like Monsanto, Bayer Biotech, etc there is no profit to make, so no employment either.

Hi Veronique, no a coach is not a headhunter. It's someone who can ensure your Cv is French-acceptable, someone who can suggest which recruitment agencies would be best for me and someone who can help me write a general introductory letter to attract interest from recruitment companies and businesses.

I cannot stay by doing odd jobs or training as I must have a government-approved employment in order to stay here during the term of my contract. Hence my anxiety - it's like finding a needle in a haystack so this is why I am asking this question about the coach so I can stop wasting my time on fruitless efforts to find work which are doomed to failure- I must act quickly. All comments welcomed.

I think you're after a bilan de compétences enquire at your local pôle emploi, not sure that "employment coaches" exist here in France (I think I know what one is but I've never come across one before!)

Bonne chance ;-)

What is an employment coach? Is it the same thing as a head-hunter? I've never heard of such a thing here, sorry. Think about doing the competition to become a teacher if it is possible as a non EU citizen (I seem to remember you have qualifications). It won't cost anything but time. Otherwise take advantage of any free training going as training here reassures possible employers... maybe agences d'intérim could help? Or odd jobs?