Where to find glass/acrylic


I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where to buy sheets of glass or acrylic. I am looking to use these as a large palette. I have looked in Leroy Merlin and the local Gedimat but no joy.

I basically want an approx A2 size smooth surface that can easily be cleaned.

Many thanks in advance for any tips.

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Bricomart in our local town of modest size (Vire) will cut any glass you choose to size. Of course if you chose a small piece from a larger, you pay for the larger.

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Thank you Peter!

I get mine from Monsieur Bricolage.

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Thanks Mike

Just be a bit careful as it will likely be 4mm normal window glass, sharp edges and will break easily. You can usually order something thicker, toughened and with smooth edges.

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Thanks Mark.

Good to know I can order that.

I hope you and Pauline are having a nice summer in the Creuse x

Thanks Marijke, not too shabby here at the moment, just waiting for new guests to arrive. P having hip replacement at end of the month - changeovers will be interesting​:persevere::persevere:xx

Wish Pauline all the best and we are thinking of you both! Hope she recovers quickly from the operation xx

Yes. DO NOT buy window or picture framing glass. Better to go to a glazier and buy toughend glass. Please do.

My artist ex had a pal helping her frame up pictures. The friend tripped, the glass she was carrying broke, she fell on the piece still in her hands, her throat was cut and she died in my ex’s arms on the floor of the studio.

You might find a suitable piece in a scrappy. They often remove windows from vehicles like vans, mini/buses etc.

It’s heavier but miles safer.

That is terrible. I am so sorry about your ex’s friend.

I think I would echo Mark’s post - you don’t want standard window glass for that sort of use.

Toughened will have to be ordered, since it needs to be cut, edges polished and then toughened.

Search for “verre trempé (or renforcé) sur mesure”

Likewise, quite the freak accident though but such a tragedy.

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Thank you! Really useful to be able to look up the exact phrase. :+1:

With acrylic you don’t have this saftey problem. It’s a great deal lighter - a consideration if you are going to hold a piece for long period. It’s easy to cut with a hacksaw or jigsaw with a fine blade. It will scratch it you go at it with your palette knives …

It can usually be found in bricos. People use it for DIY plant shelters etc. Also, sign-writing companies have a variety of ‘plastic’ rigid sheet, in clear, black, white and colours.


Many thanks! I must have been looking in the wrong sections of the bricos I went to.