Where to get a PCR test?

This may be a daft question for all those in the know, but I haven’t been anywhere or done anything during the C19 crisis and restrictions, but now reality returns and I need a test. Where and how do I get this test thingy and can someone explain a bit about it to me?
I think it has to be done less than 72 hours before flying?

Less that 72 hours before arriving Annajayne. Just Google PCR test and your postcode.

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Thanks John.

I’ve had to take 2 of my kids for tests (following possible exposure) - both thankfully negative. I just took them to one of our local bio-labs (Laboratoire d’Analyses Médicales Biopole).

The test simply involves taking a swab from the inside of your nose - quite high up so it’s apparently a bit uncomfortable, but certainly not painful. Our kids got the result later the same day - but it can I think be the following day - I would go as early as possible in the 72 hours window.

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Where are you going? if to the UK they accept the antigen test. Lots of pharmacies do it, you wait 20-30 min for on the spot result. Cost about 35 euros. Best to phone in case they operate an appointment system. Some will do on the spot for walk-ins though.

If where you’re going needs PCR test then this can be done by fewer places, if a lab it’s about 55 euros, usually a wait of 24-48hrs for results.

I’ve found the Doctolib app good for finding places for tests and vaccs, some can be booked directly in the app others you phone using the contact details.

PS I’m not sure if UK has yet removed the requirement to pre-purchase PCR tests to be done by you on Days 2 & 8 of your stay there. Apparently they dont let you over the border into the UK without proof you arranged this.

The cost started at £200-£220 (you can only use a supplier on the official list) but seems to have dropped a bit now but still very expensive.

Coming back to France you will also currently need a PCR test done in previous 72hrs (from most countries).

But the tests are free (fully reimbursed) if you are in the French health system.

Thanks Karen and Geof.
I’m not going to the UK and I know it’s the PCR test that I need. Good to know it’s reimbursed under the system Geof, thanks, could do without extra expense at the moment.