Where to get an alternator rewound? 12 Aveyron/81 Tarn

On one of our motor bikes the alternator stator is burnt out. 2 of the 3 windings sets are open circuit generating no output.
I prefer repairs over replacement so would like to get this rewound.
Were I in “The Old Country” I would google “alternator rewind” and go from there, hoping for a local company or one that had good reviews.
Part of the move here is to engage with local businesses rather than running back to England when I am stuck. I have tried a few phrases on google.fr but not seeing results that I anticipated. Can anyone point/kick me in the right direction?
Many thanks in advance.

You could try looking up “Electric Auto”… there are lots about… go and discuss, if not them, they will “know a chap who can”…

Glad you want to use local folk…

Something like this?




Rewinding a motorbike alternator is an intricate job. Maybe a replacement would be more economical.

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Or look for somewhere selling reconditioned units which will take yours as part of the deal.

And is anything actually preventing you sending it to a UK shop for the work to be done if you can’t find anywhere in France (at least up to next March)?

Edit: This place looks like they do what you need - http://www.rexs-speedshop.com, no affiliation, just the result of a quick google search.

Is rewinding a motorbike alternator more intricate than doing one for a car ???

They are smaller so I would think so…

There will be no shortage of places to repair the damaged alternator in France. The problem lies so often is a mixture of insufficient language skills and no local friends network. If the OP lived in my area I could tell him exactly where to get the job done, 5km away, but that’s not exactly convenient for him. I’m sure there will be plenty of firms in his area who provide the service.

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Nice to have a back-up plan though. The link you posted seems a very good start for enquiries in Martin’s area.

However, not sure everyone will be able to find something local - a quick search suggests I would be out of luck in 56, for example.

It’s probably a question of “who you know”… we were put onto a “magician” in Perigueux… after chatting to our local Electric’Auto chappie…

It was a nice day out… :relaxed: combined with lots of other “must do” shopping etc… :zipper_mouth_face:

Ah “bobinage”, what a great word. I shall try a few local places and see where that takes me.
TBH, a motorcycle alternator is a simp,e affair, the windings are static so no slip ri gs, brushes or balancing required.
The machine itself is no longer in production and they does a bad reputation for burning up stators. It is still available to buy as a replacement part, but I have a feeling it may need replacing again one day. As a new part, it is supplied with a section of wiring loom and the ignition timing sensor, elevating the price by 2 to 3 times.
I know I could search the UK for someone to do it. As part of our move to France and a desire to support local businesses I am hoping to get this done nearby or I may even do it myself.
Agreed, the first hurdle is getting over the language concepts, “bobinage” is a great help.

I only know about my local place because a few years ago I passed it with a British near neighbour in the car and he randomly said, You can get alternators rewound there. I stored that bit of information and this is the first time it’s been relevant!

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Much easier, there is less wire to start with. Secondly, the bit with the wires is stationary, the magnet rotates. That makes it a simpler job of winding the wires around a former.

That is good… then you will certainly find folk to help you… they do exist. There are so many old/classic cars in France… that there are all the trades necessary for their maintenance… :grin:

What make is it. You can rewind yourself if you have two hands but better would be to look for a refurb unit.

I’ve used Manry (Belair neighborhood of Rodez) twice for two motors…good job I think.

there used to be a company in Aubin that did rewinds right in the centre of town. No idea if they’re still there (moved to the Tarn 7 years ago)

Thanks all.

I sent it back to the UK for rewinding, in the end. Of course, since then I have noticed several firms offering a starter motor and alternator rewind service!