Where to give away surplus household stuff

As many of you may already know, when we decided to turn our maison secondaire into our main home and move to France permanently (5 years ago - I wonder why that was :thinking: ) we had to move the contents of 2 and a bit houses plus several offices into one small already-equipped house (and a barn) here.

Obviously, we sold/gave away as much as possible while still in the UK but it was all a bit rushed and we ended up with an unbelievable amount of household things here.

Furniture is not that difficult - LeBonCoin or Emmaus or a Depot Vente but a large collection of duvets and pillows? In the UK I know of refugee agencies that can use them but here, I haven’t a clue. Pet bedding to a point, I suppose,but some of them are relatively new and good quality so it seems a waste.

Do any of you creative/imaginative/well informed people have any suggestions for me?

(There are other classes of objects too but the duvets are my current project as they are taking up an inordinate amount of space!)

Many Emmaus take them Angela, try your local one.

You can take duvets and pillows to your dechetterie, they don’t get put in landfill but are recycled.

Thanks Debby - I thought ours only took furniture but I could well have got that wrong so we need to have a reccy…

Thanks @tim17 - I know they do that with clothes and bedlinen but I hadn’t noticed duvets! I shall ask…

I think I’d be happy with that for the older ones but was hoping for something more directly usable for the newish good quality ones.

For us, the Mairie and/or LaPoste… both seem to be the font of all knowledge… they have the contacts and will be able to point you in the right direction…

Old bedding/towels goes to the local Old Dog Sanctuary… the folk there do wonderful work and are always so grateful.

Good clothing/bedding/linen/towels/whatever goes to local charities which help refugees as well as residents … so many folk in desperate need.

Just an idea to throw into the mix…

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The association in our village runs a fripperie and take such items as well as clothes, may well be worth asking around if there is something similar in your area.

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Thank you @stella and @toryroo . I hadn’t thought to ask at the mairie (mainly because of the dragon at the desk, to be honest :D) but I could send my partner in… I would particularly like to help refugees and the like but am only aware of some of the big charities and not any little local ones. It’s a question of being plugged into places with the right contacts, isn’t it? Finding out what there is is not at all easy :roll_eyes:

With the weather turning cold, I’m sure the duvets would be welcomed at most charities :+1:

I would have thought so too, Lily - I’m aware of all those African youngsters shivering near the ports in their bid for asylum but it’s really a question of finding the charities - I don’t really know any local ones…

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I know of someone in Genets who would be very grateful for a couple of duvets as there are not enough there currently.
Her mother would be equally grateful as she will be driving up next Wednesday in a very small car which is going to be too full to add spare bedding.
Her mother will be able to provide tea and cake…

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Thank you @Cat :smiley:

Am sending you a PM…

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