Where to go on holiday

Having recently moved to France having spent 17 years in Asia and the Middle East I am now struggling on where to go on holiday (the majority of our holidays in the past have been here!). So where do you go on holiday to from France?

We have a 12 year old daughter who is fairly worldly wise and well traveled and a smelly cocker spaniel who can go into kennels but would rather not. We don't mind driving and would like to avoid a long haul flight. The UK doesn't appeal (there are relatives there!).

We are close to Bordeaux and know this area fairly well but haven't done a lot of exploring around the rest of France.

Suggestions anyone?


dangerous looking stuff. A rite of passage from being a boy to being a man for the Ni-Van, they build high towers, tie vines to their ankles, and basically bungee jump off, but their head MUST touch the ground, or they do not become men. The locals are very very nice on santo. Pity so many stay in Chinese owned resort bubble hotels.

No missed that, sounds cool though!

The whole Island of Santo is amazing. All the outer islands are. Did you get to see the land diving?

Yes the Coolidge, amazing it was

lol, million dollar point? the coolidge?? Those places are legendary, and hopefully will never be as mainstram tourist as, say the great barrier reef off Aus. Magical place, magical people.

I did my PADI open water in Vanuatu :)

Vanuatu, scuba diving.

that is all

I imagine it will come as no surprise if i propose my area of France! We live in Aude (11) in the Languedoc, Le Pays de Cathare. The area abounds with many Cathar castles, vineyards, and too many places to mention here. We are in Lagrasse, a wonderful mediaeval village (officially one of the prettiest in France). We offer bed and breakfast, two guestrooms (only one en suite unfortunately). Swimming is available in the River Orbieu which runs through the village. Lovely hill walks. Mediterranean only 35-40 minutes drive away. Just one more idea to add to your list!

Thanks for the info - will get out the map with DH at the weekend and see where the pin lands. Have a vague memory of going to a meeting many moons ago in Annecy sur Lac and promising myself I would go back when I didn't have work to worry about!

Me too....IF I have my say....IT will be a journey around France.


always exciting.

The choice is endless! Just around here we have the Gorges du Tarn, the Aubrac, the Causse Noir, the Margeride, the Gorges de la Jonte which come complete with vultures. Nearer to you the Pyrenees, the Gers; diagonally opposite, Alsace; Burgundy, the Alps, Gorges de l'Ardeche, the Pont du Gard ... get a map of France, put on a blindfold, stick a pin in the map. Wherever you land it's going to have something going for it.