Where to now

I have uploaded my images (photographic) in the Photograph group,. But looking at the pictorial nature of all the image (and lovely they are too) my work probably has more in common on this site.

So I invite readers to take a look either on the Photography site, my profile (Garry McDougall) or www.wix.com/utrave4/garrymcdougall

I am a writer (en Anglais) of fiction and travel, coming to France and Spain in 2013. As you can see from my website (and elsewhere) I also practice imagemaking. My wife is a semi retired academic with passable French.

I would like to be more engaged with France with my photographs and writing or any other way. (I am already volunteering a week or two in Spain teaching English).

Coming from Australia means the journey is long and expensive, so we Australians are usually moved to 'make the most' of the trip.

The Question: how do you suggest I can further engage in France?

ne sample image attached

seems like I replied to this in June.

Still love the work Gary.

love the photos and the paintings

Welcome Gary. I can see your quandry but in my opinion, if images originate in a camera then those images should be in one of the photo groups; you could set up a group for abstracts yourself.