Where to obtain official translations of uk birth certificate

Hi All, I’m looking for info on how to get my birth certificate officially translated to french for PACS.
I went to the local mairie this morning with my clutch of papers for PACS, the secretary asked for the official translations of birth certs… she showed me a dossier of another applicant, and there were official copies on headed paper appearing to be from British consulate, but scouring the web it appears the British consulate do not make translations…
There are multiple web sites offering translations… but are the legal??..
will i have pretty pieces of paper that are totally useless if i go with one of them?

I need 2 UK birth certificates translated to French that are acceptable by the authorities…
advice will be very welcome

I think that UK originals should be accepted - there was an EU ruling on this a while ago - someone else might be able to point you at chapter & verse.

If whoever you are dealing with is behind the times I would have thought that they can provide a list of translators that they accept.

Thanks Paul,
My French is not too good, but i thought the originals were required and would be scanned during the process
“Mr Williams devra également présenter
L’original de l’extrait d’acte de naissance scanné durant la demarche”
and i did find a dead link to an EU directive stating what you have said…
i’m caught between the rules and the receptionist…

Hi Bob. You need a traducteur assermenté. They exist enligne and are legal or do a search of your locality. A further problem is that many French officials don’t understand that in the UK all birth certificates are extracts of the official register so they sometimes think that they need an original which does not exist.Good luck with your PACS

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Hello Bob

We had to do this when we got married although that was in 2009 and the translator we used is now retired. As David says you need to use a _traducteur assermenté_and many will now do everything online and by email. You will probably have to pay around 40€ for each certificate.

Although the rules have changed and translations should no longer be requested, if that is what the Mairie wants then you will probably just have to comply unfortunately.

Best of luck.

Thanks David and Mandy,
I am now looking at the online tranducteurs… appears simple enough.
the receptionist at the mairie was quite adamant that the translations are required… so i go with the flow… she won’t budge and i can’t argue!.


There’s also the Uk embassy list of translators

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Hello Bob, I am an Official Translator English/ French and I can provide you with Certified Translations of your birth certificates. Please drop me a line at taskersophie@gmail.com and I will send you a quote, with a document from the Court of Appeal confirming that I am on the list of traducteurs assermentés for 2018. Thank you. Sophie

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This is also a useful link…