Where to post?

Great win for the ladies football :clap:
My first thought was, how will the Tory government take the credit? Cynical me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It’s nice to hear the athletes thanking the National Lottery for the help.



this has become a sensitive topic!

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I don’t think it’s “ladies’ football” either …


Good job we can laugh at ourselves

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A great win, pure joy for a well deserved result and concrete proof that soccer fans don’t have to be drunken louts beating one another up,

I was out and about for the last few days so we missed the celebrations but from what I heard on the radio it was Sadiq Khan that welcomed the team home, rather than that has-been in Nimber Ten. Thank goodness, he would have just tainted the event with his blustering boosterism.


Well the male version of the sport IMO is certainly bereft of gentlemen. Bunch of plongeurs, and I don’t mean dishwashers.