Where to search for English Teaching jobs

Hi ,
I wonder if anyone could give me some advice.
I’m a qualified TEFL teacher ( degree + Celta) with 14 years experience teaching for a language school working in companies, ( Business English)
The pandemic has greatly reduced my contract hours, and all work I do now is online or telephone teaching.
This suits me perfectly as family circumstances have changed ( my elderly mother with dementia moved in last year) so I am also a carer.
My question is, could anyone give me some ideas where I could advertise to give online/telephone lessons ?
I have a friend who tried ‘le boncoin’ but it wasn’t very successful. I have only ever taught through language schools so this is all very new to me.
Thanks a lot

Hi Julie…

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Hi Julie
Not sure where you are located but if you would consider teaching in Private schools near you then look up CapEnglish. Best Regards Simon


I think it’s done now.

thanks for your help

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Thanks Simon,
I’ll check them out to see if they do online teaching