Where to write Pension income in 2018 Déclaration de Revenus / Tax Return

My paper deadline is 15th and the on-line is 4th June. I need to sort it in the next few days because I have other pressing problems to sort out after that. I’m not too bothered if they fine me for being late. Connexions say the fine is 15 euros and it’s hardly ever used. I panicked last year and sent the whole lot off in paper form about 2 weeks late and didn’t get fined. Thank you and good luck with yours. I’m in Mayenne.

Thanks Stella… I’m a bit pushed for time but yes in theory I could go off to the Tax Office but I think I’d rather just do the forms on paper. I sent them in late last year and didn’t get fined.
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There’s never a need to panic… everyone is doing the best they can… but things do need doing…

Paper is probably easier since you will see at a glance what box is where… some have definitely changed…

good luck.

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Just to be clear - the last date for paper submissions (nationally) is this Thursday 16 May.

The lack of other replies makes me think either

(a) nobody has done it / knows what to do !

… or …

(b) everybody’s done it and don’t want / can’t be bothered to revisit it for this question !!

Being serious, if anyone does know the answer to Terasa’s and my questions, then we’d really appreciate some guidance …

Andy… we’ve been thrashing out this year’s Declarations all over the forum in the last few weeks…

Everyone’s situation seems to be different… very few can actually say “this is IT”… and what has come out of our various discussions is… go and speak, face to face…

Ask the question of those in Authority… it’s their Form… :relaxed::upside_down_face:

It would be unfair to presume that forum folk don’t want to help…:zipper_mouth_face:

There is a section where you can “write whatever useful info”… if in doubt, put the info there… but, truly… face to face it…it pays dividends.

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OOOO, you are awful - but I like you :kissing_closed_eyes: :rofl:


Hi Simon and Stella … thanks very much for what you’ve said re the particular questions Simon … and also generally Stella. As usual ( for me at least ) I have left things to almost the last minute, but a trip to local office here in Bordeaux is possible. I did it last year and they made some changes even though it was after the final online deadline.

I’m lucky in that there’s a Tax Office 15 minutes bike ride away … I know folk in the country who can’t get to one easily at all. What I haven’t tried yet is calling a helpline. Anyone have any experience of that ?

Thanks again Simon, will make un café fort and try and finish it today !

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Is the gentleman at the French Tax Office… or where… ?? :thinking:

Yes, I spotted that too. The Govt and State pension gross figures go in two different boxes.
Govt 1AL and Private/state pension in 1AM

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Oh hey - best you all pop down the tax office!:roll_eyes: I knew I shouldn’t have opened my mouth…posts withdrawn.


From 2042 (blue form) pensions section -

Pensions perçues par les non-résidents. Pensions de source étrangère avec crédit d’impôt égal à l’impôt français . . . . . . . . . 1AL

Autres pensions imposables de source étrangère…1AM

I think this year is the worst we’ve had in a long time… for folk with queries (including me)… here, on the Forum… and also at the Tax Offices…

I’m really looking forward to finding what the outcome is… some time in July if memory serves me correctly… :upside_down_face::wink:

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I suppose you could say who gives a sh*t which boxes you use, provided you have declared everything and the tax you are asked to pay (if any) is according to expectations :wink:

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I get your drift and am inclined to agree… except that getting things “wrong” in French-bureaucracy-land… generally has consequences of one sort or another… maybe not today… maybe not tomorrow… but sooooon…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Let’s wait for July…

In our local office - He caused us quite a few problems after l became eligible for a state pension and needed a signature on a French Formula 1 and demanded we pay social charges. He altered all my forms and then when l produced my S1 told me he had made a mistake. That was in 2017. Last year he “helped” by filling in photocopies of my 2047 & 2042. It is on these that he has shown the gross government pension in Box 1AL.
We followed his instructions, submitted the forms and heard nothing more.

Our office is only open twice a week but l will yet again venture forth with my Monsieur Bonheur Chapeau on and ask for assistance😊


Hearing some of the stories… makes me value our local Tax Folk even more :hugs: (1hrs drive each way… but local enough and worth the effort)

As I say… I value my folk even more with all that I hear about other areas…

Dan - at the risk of poking the bear - make sure to ask him about box(es) 8TK :wink:

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