Where would you like to be the Sole Tourist?

The BBC this morning is reporting how Machu Picchu has re-opened for a single Japanese tourist who has been waiting nearly 7 months.

He is so lucky. In the 1970s I was fortunate to stay at the hotel at the top (in those days I think it only had about 10 bedrooms) and I watched all the tourists head back down to the station to catch the afternoon train. Wandering round a nearly deserted Machu Picchu in the late afternoon and then the following early morning before the mid-morning train had arrived was the most magical experience - especially the early morning as the mist swirled between the ruins.


I was lucky to do a lot of travelling when I was younger. And now there are lots of places I still want to go to, but resist because they are so fragile that I don’t want to burden a stressed ecosystem. … Everest, Galapagos islands, Antartica, etc. With the number of people in the world I don’t know how we can develop tourism that is sustainable?

A lottery system for 1 lucky person a year?

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@JaneJones What a lovely thought!

If I was on my own |I would be doing the cooking and that is not my idea of a holiday.
I would love to go on a cruise on one of the Hebridean Princess small liners, but very expensive.