Which are your 2 fav restaurants and where are they?

Mine are Royal China Queensway West 2…London. and Gandarias in San sebastien. Spain.

‘Le Pelican’, Rochefort en Terre, Morbihan. Closely followed by, ‘Le Moulin de Celac’, Questembert, Morbihan. France.

McDo and KFC, everywhere😎

Funny Boy.

The Cat Inn Pub, Sharpthorne, Surrey - Magnificent food and service.

Hotel Sa Punta restaurant, Pals, Catalonia, Spain. Fantastic regional menu, impressive wine list and very attentive service - Never disappointed: The Hotel and Pool are great too. Very close to some beautiful golf courses and the mediterranean coast.

You must be near us (we’re part-timers though).

Questembert - Pizzeria Olivetta, basic but we like it.
Pluherlin - Auberge Saint Hernin - can recommend the sanglier
Rochefort - We liked the Ménestrel (again basic) but haven’t eaten there in a couple of years and there were a lot of bad reports before it changed hands. Not been recently.

The Auberge in Bourgvillain and the Le Midi in Trivy.
Both give fabulous value.
The Auberge does classic french with a twist, we had Hare Royal, and Le Midi is great for a simple lunch. Fabulous braised lamb shoulder.

I like a lot of restaurants but it’s amazing how then can slip down the list or rise up again simply by changing their menu. Many of the restaurants we eat in have very limited menus so it’s a bit hit or miss, going from excellent to merely very good or vice versa by changing one or two things. I enjoy checking them out to see how they rate and to see if the latest change is for the better.

Not far away at all Paul, but full time, love it, so lucky to have dropped anchor here.