Which ‘Best Of’?

Any suggestions for a ‘Best Of’ cd ?

I have quite a few and played the Best Of Hot Chocolate in the car this morning. It’s a pretty decent compilation of their best known songs.



70’s mix tape! Gets too much listening to one performer.


Yes, I have a lot of them. Loads of good compilation cds where most of the songs are repeated, which is normal I suppose.

Ah… disco.
Luckily it passed me by.

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This little beauty arrived in my post box… watched the concert on Sky Arts recently and just had to order it, double CD and the concert on blue ray. All the hits, all the memories. Or as Jeff Lynne likes to say “bloody marvellous” :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes Dawn I’m going to order it now. I watched the concert twice when it was on recently.
A brilliant concert all through, he even did a song from the Wilburys. The band was amazing with the violinists and cellists etc.
I have a bog standard Best Of ELO cd which also has the hits as well as A New World Record which are both permanent fixtures in the car.


Hi Peter, yes, wasn’t it great. Like you I thought the violinists, cellists and backing singers were really good. I also enjoyed on Sky Arts, The Eagles (another favourite of mine) live from The Forum 2018 with Vince Gill in the band now, I feel another purchase coming on… :grinning:

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Best of:

Dr John. All the prime cuts - Walk On Gilded Splnters, Mama Roux, Iko-Iko, Goin’ Back To New Orleans and the killer, Right Place, Wrong Time

Everyone should have something by Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Nina Simone, Buddy Holly… Best Of’s do the trick.

Best ofs - for those artists you don’t like enough to have a full album by! I loved the Duke Ellington album by Dr John.

I tend the other way - but really, it’s greed rather than anything different in principle - I love those “5 albums by …” that online retailers sell. My last was Hall & Oates, or Einaudi.

But I do think Hot Chocolate are very underrated.

Yes. Mac Rebannac plays The Duke - Duke Elegant I think he called himself for that one.

I saw him about 20 years ago but had to leave. The guy on the PA mixer had all the faders up at 11. Having wrecked my ears in my 20’s, shooting pix of live gigs, I couldn’t stand the pain. The same thing happened when I went to see Tito Puente.

I was going to add - Best Of: Ellington, Basie, Goodman, Miller …

and of course! Chuck Berry! As long as it has the all-time greats - we all know what they are.

I have The Best Of Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly, both top cds.

This is a good Moodys compilation from decades ago.

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A great album which is, in effect, a Best Of [if you like your blues] is Howlin’ Wolf - The London Sessions. All the great Wolf songs are there - Smokestack Lightnin’, Little Red Rooster, Do The Do, Sittin’ On Top Of The World, Ain’t Superstitious …

The band? A*. Clapton, Winwood, Watts, Wyman, Ian Stewart [the invisible Stone] and on the first day, because Wyman and Watts no-showed, Claus Voorman on bass and “Richie” [Ringo] on drums.

Also, at Clapton’s insistance, Marshall Chess was forced to put his hand in his pocket for a flight and expenses for Wolf’s long-time guitar player, the great Hubert Sumlin.

This is Wolf at a peak. The band is as good as you would expect that lineup to be [although Ringo turned down any further involvement because he didn’t get on with the music. He was never a rock 'n roll/R 'n B drummer]. The production is tight, great sound, Wolf is roaring …

On the basis of the success of the Wolf recordings, another ‘London Sessions’ with Muddy Waters was recorded but not as successful, musically, to my mind - although it won a gong. Classic Muddy tracks are on the album.

Yes, I also have the Muddy Waters sessions. The Howling Wolf sound good.

I have this John Mayall double on the original vinyl and cd which is a kind of Best Of, It’s classic Mayall.

Ahh the Woolworths compilation albums, bought with pocket money.

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Blimey John, some golden oldies there.
Do you recall the old compilations like K-Tel ? I picked this one up in a brocante a few years back. This one is by Telstar.


A friend of mine was often a session backing singer on several of those and the top of the pops albums.

I’d suggest Best of Brexit CD but don’t think I fancy replaying it twice while I go to the local store.

How about a Brexit album ?

Here’s a few to start with.

Road To Nowhere
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
It’s Over
Rule Britannia

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Fortunate enough to see Hot Chocolate live in the 70s

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Best of Enya :star_struck:

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