Which “castine” is best for driveway?

We’ve been told that there are several grades of gravel and we want the light gold coloured one that has a powdery element that binds it together. Before I commission somebody to do the work I’d like to know what I’m talking about! Thanks.

Popular subject! There was a post about this not long ago…

I talked to the artisans first, they told me how many m3 I’d need, then I went to my local quarry, explained what I wanted it for and then they showed me a choice of piles of castine. Then my terrassement crew did the biz spreading it and compacting it with the whacker plate etc. It is worth putting down a membrane géotextile before you put in the castine. Obviously they could have done everything without any input from me bar saying what colour - but it is more fun being involved. Have a go with the whacker plate it is a hoot. It is also better if there is some sort of border to keep it in place, eg my terrace has walls around it so the castine doesn’t migrate.

I need cheering up, Véro. I don’t suppose you have any visuals of you a hootin’ n ‘tootin’ round your terrasse with your whacker you could share? :hugs:

Alas no, but just visualise Zebedee (aka Zébulon) in The Magic Roundabout and thats about it :grin: then obv your arms buzz for a bit afterwards so that’s entertaining too.

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sometimes, my washing machine vibrates so much I have to hang onto it… to stop it marching across the floor… your whacker fun and games… sounds similar :joy: :joy:

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