Which dehumidifier?

(Lily Stevens) #1

I have been trawling the internet for a dehumidifier and to be honest I am no closer to deciding which one to buy than I was three days ago :confused: So I am asking for help, does anybody have a recommendation please? I need the large (12l) type rather than the mini ones.


(Warren Joiner) #2

what are going to use it for? drying clothing or drying the cellar?


(Mat Davies) #3

There are 2 different types that work better/worse depending on the temperature.

We bought one of these recently
Desiccant Dehumidifier ECO DD122FW Simple with Ioniser & Silver Filter - 7L / Day, Damp Remover https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00474K8SY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_1xrLCbF1BJTJW

This type work better in colder conditions.

It can be useful to get one with a drain hose that you can then connect direct to you sink waste so that you don’t need to empty it.

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(Sandy Hewlett) #4

We have a couple of the large electric ones bought from our local bricolage. They work perfectly fine and draw off several litres in the container. We also have one bought from Amazon - no make but went by the ‘recommendations’.

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(Simon Armstrong) #5

Tried a few - love this one: Aerian ADH20EC

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(Paul Flinders) #6

As matt says 2 types - desiccant which work better in colder areas but can consume a lot of electricity or condensing which use less power but generally need ambient temperature above 10° or there is a risk that they freeze up.

We have a desiccant model in the UK garage which has been going strong for about 5 years - don’t recall the make (will check when I get home).

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(Warren Joiner) #7

I have one I use in the cellar it has a 5l water container but I never use it as most have a bung & drip to fit a plastic pipe. I stand mind on a barrel and have the pipe run into a 20l plastic jerry can.

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(Lily Stevens) #8

Thank you for your rapid responses :grinning:
Wozza, it is for a couple of interior rooms.
The house has been empty for a few years and there had been water seepage making the house damp and smelly!
Paul, the condensing sounds the route to take, but would appreciate the makers names.
Matt, Sandy and Simon I will certainly check out your advice.
Ta muchly


(Paul Flinders) #9

As I said mine is a desicant one - but the one Simon linked looks OK (and loads more at Darty to choose from).

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