Which one to choose! - Can anybody advise?

Since moving over to France 3 years ago, we keep asking ourselves the same question should be buy a ride-on lawnmower. We do manage we the petrol one we have, but the collection box is so small we are forever emptying it. We have being looking and pricing a few models, just are a bit bewildered by them all. Can anybody advise of and do's & don'ts....are the cheaper ones in Mr.Bricolage any good or will be just asking for problems & John Deere are suppose to be the best but we just be paying for the name!!

Any thoughts, advise & suggestions welcome.

Merci Jane.

Having tried a lot of ride on mowers I settled on a Stiga Villa 95. This is a frontal cutting,rear wheel steer mulching machine with a 95cm wide cutting head. It has an adjustable height cutter & I can honestly say it is the best mower for me.

It cuts wet or dry, long or short with no problems. My previous mowers always clogged when cutting long, wet grass. I use it for our largish lawn & orchard where the rear wheel steering makes it easy to negotiate around the trees. It is great for use below bushes & hedges & I even use it to keep the weeds in the pasture under control where it cuts 2 foot high nettles etc. like a brush cutter.

I've had it for 3 years now & still tell people it's the best garden tool I've ever purchased. It even pulls a 5ft x 4ft trailer which is usefull for gardening & bringing in the winter logs.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you buy one. Mine cost about 3,000 euros 3 years ago.

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It all depends on what sort of area you will be cutting, personally I cut about 3000M2 using a fairly mid range ride on About 17hp 42in cut and costing new IRO 2500€, could do it with a walk behind but quite honestly why? as for grass collection, what a waste of time, get a good mower with a mulching kit and job done............

The majority of ride ons are made in a big factory in the US and badge engineered, but its true that you only get what you pay for.

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