Which online groceries are OK to order from in France?

Will need to order groceries to be delivered to home for a few months.

Would prefer to support local supermarkets, however none of them deliver. (And I’d call local 7, 17, 23 and 45 km away.) Even the Drive option is only the higher distances away from any of them.

Has anyone ordered groceries online from any French provider? I have found Place du Marché (formerly Tourpargel) but would like more choice.

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I use https://www.chezmoi.leclerc/ every week to get groceries , they can do same day delivery. I find the quality of the fresh food to be of excellent quality as well. You do need to spend €50 and there is a delivery charge of €7ish, but well worthwhile to me as it would cost me that in fuel anyway.

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Thankyou digitracker. Leclerc would be my favourite however the Leclerc supermarket 17km away won’t deliver to anyone - not even in same town - and unfortunately Leclerc Chez Moi is Paris area only.

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Thiriet? (For frozen things.) Have you got a bio shop or the like who might be arrangeant? I used to use houra 20 years ago for tedious things but they gave up coming to SW 24. Have you googled qui livre les courses + your postcode?

Do you have a local AMAP who might be prepared to drop things off locally?

Karen… do you really mean Dept 7… or 87 ???

That’a how far away the closest supermarkets are, Stella :-). Northern 46 dept. The 7km away one is quite small and does not deliver.

How well do you know your neighbours?

Is there someone who would collect your Order and deliver it to you… for a small fee???

Have you asked at your Mairie… (yes, I know I always seem to suggest the Mairie…)
Our Mairie organized a mobile-grocer to visit the village once a week since covid struck…

Your Mairie might well know of someone/something similar.

just a thought.

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Thanks all.

Have followed Vero’s suggestions. Noting results in case someday someone else is searching for the same.

Houra.fr and thiriet.com some nice stuff, thiriet more frozen traiteur although neither delivers here.

Searching as Vero suggested turned up a wonderful site that deals with all possibilities in a flash : livraison.courses yes that’s the address you type in to Google. Just enter postcode and voilà - the major national delivery companies listed all with a Yes/No to your postcode.

This yielded Place du Marche / Tourpargel who got my first order - to be delivered next week.

I’m also checking out Leclubleaderprice.fr as their system seems to use chronopost at very moderate prices with a subscription option that can be every 6 weeks, but does not charge for delivery.

Thanks to others for the local options but I know many older people locally will need these so I will leave that capacity for them.


here’s another to throw into the mix… in case anyone is looking in their area …


I have not tried this, as was waiting until new year as have been away so much. But we yearn for fresh fish so were going to give it a go….probably don’t have a depot near enough for you, and prob not great interest for SW and normandie people up to their knees in fresh fish. But might be of interest for others…

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I saw their leaflet in my local biocoop and thought it looks good!

Update received first Place du Marché (Tourpargel) order today. Very nice delivery driver. Tried a few of the items. Very nice quality stuff without being too “traiteur”.

Milk, butter, cheese all excellent (same supplier also to Grand Frais apparently). I will definitely do more orders from them, meat looks OK, they have ready meals as well. I’ll watch their promotions and order when a few interesting bits come up to add to the core items I’ll be ordering again to make up the 40 euros minimum for free delivery.

A massive storecupboard restock due as my first order from leclubleaderprice in a couple of days.


The only home delivery we have tried so far is Picard, which is very popular in France for dinner parties. If you join them online you get vouchers to use against home delivery or to use in store. They do nice things like Beef Wellington, Salmon in Pastry - shaped like a fish. A big range of Asian food, and very good quality ready meals, vegetables etc. A limited range of Picard products is available in the UK so people may be familiar with them. We always have stuff from Picard in our freezer.

If you like frozen things there is also Thiriet, who deliver. I keep a stash of frozen vegetables in my freezer for when I haven’t been able to shop. I don’t buy ready made food so I can’t judge, but I imagine they are much like Picard for that sort of thing.