Which S1 form do i need?

Hello, I have discovered that website today and it seems to be very helpful, I’m sure people here will be able to help me with my problem:

I am a French citizen and my girlfriend is British and actually in London, we have planned to live together very soon. She has a long-life illness condition (called colitis) which make her need certain medication and treatment (including one injection every 2months), I’ve asked on Amélie’s website about how she could get her treatment here for free and they told me that she needed to ask for a S1 form in order to receive a green card.

The problem is that we don’t know which S1 form we need, I found some information on this topic but I’m lost with all that forms:


Obtaining an 'S1' from the UK

I found the message of Tony Manson helpful but I’m not sure if I got everything right:

"S1/E121: Long Term Incapacity

- Benefits can be transferred to France.

ALD: Affection Longue Durée - ONLY 100% of treatments regarding existing conditions are covered by the ALD.

Any Dépassements d’Honoraire charged by specialists can be reimbursed by your Top-Up."

  • Is this form the one that my girlfriend need?

  • Also, she perceives the Personal Independence Payment does it mean she can carry on to claim the PIP once in France? (as I’ve have read before it says that no)

    More about our situation:
    My girlfriend is non-active and I’m Student year 2 in University. (both 21yo)

Thanks to have read me, I’m sorry if I’m not too clear, my English is definitely not the best.

I hope to find the help I need here, best regards.


Hello Jerome and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you and/or your girlfriend would like to checkout the link…

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I think you have got a couple of different things muddled up.

You say your girlfriend receives PIP, that is exportable to France. But I believe to be able to get an incapacity S1/E121 she needs to be on long term incapacity benefit like ESA.

So unless she gets ESA I believe her healthcare here will depend on her employment situation. She will have to join the health system (PUMA) in her own right as any French person does, either as an employee of a french company, as a self-employed person or inactif/chômage. And she will have to pay in the same way any French person does. So not all healthcare costs will be covered - exactly the same as for you.

The other types of S1 are for older people and I guess she isn’t yet 67!

Once she is in the Health Service, ie has applied for a carte vitale, there is then the question of her disease. Only a small number of diseases are covered by the ALD system. The one that might be relevant to her is “La rectocolite ulcéro-hémorragique (RCH) et la Maladie de Crohn (MC) dans leurs formes « évolutives » figurent dans la liste des 30 affections de longue durée ( ALD )”. This means that all the costs associated with her treatment will be covered 100%. (But it doesn’t change anything about how she joins the health service). She will have to ask her médecin traitant to apply for her, it is not automatic and will depend on how severe her colitis is.

(On a different subject, if you are not married or PACS’ed then it will be much easier is she moves over before end December before things change because of Brexit - I hope you do know about this?! )

If she is permanently disabled, the best people to speak to are the overseas DWP team in Newcastle. The rules governing entitlement to UK long-term incapacity benefit have changed in recent years, with the abolition of Incapacity Benefit and it’s replacement by ‘Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)’.

The benefit is exportable to France, and opens up a discretionary right to get am S1, although claimants are required to demonstrate a satisfactory national insurance record, and all claimants in France will be required to have a periodic ‘Work Capability Assessment’ by a French doctor.

Hope this helps


Bonjour Jérôme, demande a ton médecin traitant ou a celui de tes parents - tu es encore étudiant donc tu as un statut particulier, ta copine n’est pas du tout dans le même cas que la plupart des gens sur ce site qui ont genre 40 ans de plus que toi minimum et sont retraités. Pose la question à tes parents!


i.e the same age as his parents…:slightly_smiling_face: (although not entirely sure why a french family would know more about the weird and wonderful world of UK health benefits than old British people?)

Even better would be for his girlfriend to ask the Overseas Healthcare Services on +44 (0) 191 218 1999

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It will be interesting to see how this pans out…

I thought he wanted to know what his 21 year old British student girlfriend might be entitled to in France?

by the sound of things… there are 2 avenues of enquiry…

His girlfriend is in UK and needs to know what S1 to apply for…
He also wants to know what will be available for her here in France…

so… everyone’s a winner… :wink: :wink:

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Maybe he’ll pop back to clarify, but I would have thought the first hurdle is getting benefits exported from UK?

A disabled 20 year old, who seems neither to be a student or be working, will struggle to set up legal residence in France either now or post December. So getting healthcare cover is probably essential, and then the issue will be resources as she’d have to be on the absolute maximum PIP payment for it to be considered sufficient.

What France does for her is a bonus, but she has to get here first…

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Probably easier for him to go and live in the UK :thinking:

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Bonsoir, thanks for all your answers, I really appreciate your help.

  • About the PIP:

My priority is her getting access to her treatment here, I asked about the PIP because I saw on the other topic that benefits was claimable with a S1-E121 from. (so it’s a bonus)

My girlfriend does not get the highest amount of PIP and I’ve just asked her: she also gets the ESA.

Also as i saw on gov.uk she cannot keep the PIP in France : “You can claim the following benefits if you’re going abroad for up to 13 weeks (or 26 weeks if it’s for medical treatment)”

Different case for ESA : “You can get contribution-based ESA in the EEA or Switzerland if you’re eligible and if you’ve paid enough National Insurance contributions.”

  • About the PUMA:

On the website of the PUMA it says that she has to be legally resident for 3months but she needs her injection every 2months.

I asked about this before on Ameli.fr and they said me to make my girlfriend gets a S1 form but they haven’t talk about the PUMA or said which S1 form she needs.

I find you guys more helpful than them.

  • Also….

-My parents do not know a lot about the healthcare system mostly regarding UK nationals.

-Her illness seems to be covered by the ALD (RCH = ulcerative colitis)

-Yes, I do know about the 31 December and my girlfriend is planning to come after her next drug injection which is in the end of August/beginning of September. (and I don’t know if a PACS could help us but I have thought of it)

Sorry if it took me time to answer, I had a lot of information to read about and I also try to write in my best English for make it clear (pardon my English…).

I will contact the Overseas Healthcare Services with my girlfriend soon, thanks again, best regards. :blush:

It is, but my girlfriend really needs a new fresh air, i am her only real support.
She likes France and want to discover it and be next to me, i’m sure all this will be help her to feel better. (also i study here)

It is very complicated!

I can’t guarantee I’m right, but I do have a little bit of experience with this subject. Anyway, it is the fact that she gets ESA that could allow her to get an incapacity S1/E121. She needs to talk to the DWP overseas team in Newcastle herself. Normal DWP offices know nothing about this. If she gets an S1 she can join the health service straight away, but it can still take a long time, and possibly more than 2 months. But normally you can ask your doctor in England for 3 months worth of drugs, so she should be able to bring an injection with her. Otherwise you might have to save up and pay for the first one…and if her injection is a biologic it will be expensive. Mine is 800€.

Then the daily living element of PIP is payable in France if you move PERMANENTLY, but you can’t get the mobility element. If you are only moving for 13 or 26 weeks the rules are different.

The next difficulty that you will have to overcome is money. Even before December, and even if she signs on to be a student somewhere, she will need to show she has enough money not to be a burden on the french benefits system. They can’t ask her to have more than 565€/month, but they can ask her to show she has something like that. This explains the entry rules:


Good luck!

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Bonsoir, I know our situation is complicate and all thoses forms/services/ect make it even more hard but I’m lucky to have you to help me.

  • About her medication/treatment:

Her doctor gave her enough pills for 3-4months, but I don’t think she will be able to bring the injection drug. Someone on Ameli told me that we may have to pay her treatment and that we will be able to get a refund from the CPAM later (her injection drug is over 1000€).

She will contact the DWP overseas team in Newcastle very soon and also get in contact with the PIP service.

Thanks again Jane you are a big help to me, do you allow me to message you in private if I have a few more questions?