Which Strimmer Head?

Can anyone recommend a good strimmer head, I’d would like one that I don’t have to dismantle whenever the nylon breaks like the one I currently have. I see you can get ones that use aluminium wire instead of nylon, are these any good?



also ask the supplier will a 3mm cord fit. round probaly yes, square a little tricky for me on a Sthil.

Of course their not, life would be too easy. Husquavarna, Sthil, kawasaki,
Red Devil, all have their own components.


Check this out, hope it helps

Are they all going to be a standard fit though?

Thanks James.

The auto feed system is what you need, which one? what ever will fit yours, too many heads on that page to choose from, head hurts, shall leave it to you.

Photos on your site look superb Gary by the way.


Thanks everyone

I already have a decent strimmer, it’s just the head that’s rubbish.

It’s a Kawasaki KBH48A

I’m mainly strimming new bramble shoots and fern growing up around the bottom of the electric fence, I have a brush cutter blade for it if I need to get through anything thicker.

So I’m trying to select the best system from the few different types available.



Sthil FS 450, good sturdy and powerful machine. comes with brush cutter and tap on ground system.
Use 3mm nylon, anything less you’ll be dismantling more often, but not as much as you are now.

I like that system, I am forever having to stop and extend the nylon with my old style head.

I use a SHTILL err, or is it SHTALL, it has a small 2 stroke engine, Have had it over ten years now, and, touch wood, never a problem with it.

I use the square type of thick nylon and find that is good, although it does break at times. When new it came with various changable heads, one for cutting through thickish wood etc, but found them quite dangerous so now just use it for graas.

I have never seen a “more powerful” strimmer, i.e. the type I use, where you can fit a metal blade, electric ones yes I have, but when asking if they are any good I have as yet never had a very positive response to them, usually because they have purchased a “boys toy” to do a “mans job”.

I had the same problem with my old Husqvarna, but then they came out with this new head http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=husqvarna+trimmer+heads&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8872670210014517494&sa=X&ei=0chxTvbiE8vAswaRueXqBg&ved=0CCoQ8wIwAg which you tap hard on the ground while still running and it pulls out new cord- very handy and time saving once you get the hang of it.

Thanks Stu,

I’ll try one of these.


Oh, and it depends if you’re cutting thin or thick stuff. If it’s brush then you need a disc.

Can’t honestly say James. Never seen one with Aluminium wire. If you have a lot of obstacles, I would say wire is better. I use fairly thick “star” profile wire and I rarely break it. I think it’s about 3mm. I bought a huge reel of it because we got free vouchers when we bought the lawnmower :smiley:

Thanks Stu,

Would you say these are better than the wire type heads?


Found it on Amazon as well.


Hi James
Depends on whether you have a strimmer with a straight shaft or curved at the bottom. I have the latter and you cannot put a disc on them (too much strain on the connection to the motor) I got round this by buying a mix of the two. It has nylon blades that pivot should they hit any firm obstacle ie. posts, rocks etc. I have used the head several times and it’s starting to wear quite a bit. You can replace the individual blades, but I was thinking of replacing them by making my own from aluminium or steel. I know; I’m a saddo, my mind is full of useless crap.