Which Tablet would you buy this festive season?

I bought an Apple iPad when they first came out, but I would not make the same decision today.

Don't get me wrong , the iPad is a great device , and I use it all the time, but the new Android alternatives offer so many great additional options. The ability to increase the memory space with SSD cards, or to have a standard mini-usb socket, or indeed a normal USB socket. I know HTML5 will eventually replace flash on mobile devices, but when you hit a page that uses it and the iPad doesn't support it, you feel short changed.

As I use a lot of cloud applications daily, and especially Google apps, the integration is seamless with Android, and far less so with the iPad. You can make most of it work, but it's not quite the same.

You can also get some great options that support Android if you want a slightly smaller 7" size, and the new Kindle fire and Borders Nook tablet will offer a wide range of features, when they appear in Europe. They will try to tie you into their services, which may or may not be a draw back for some users. They certainly won't be any worse than the iTunes lock-in that Apple provide.

If I went shopping today for a tablet, I would buy an Asus Transformer for a 10" model or a Cambridge Sciences for a very cost effective 7" model. You can even go cheaper with some of the Taiwan and Chinese unbranded models, if you are prepared to compromise features.

What did you get, or are thinking of getting?

That sounds like a good one Bob, and I guess it has a resistive screen. Do you happen to know which version of Android it is working with, and do you have a link to where you got it from.

I bought a 10" Chinese Android tablet called a Flytouch3. I love the thing as it has built in GPS, full sized USB ports, HDMI out etc. The only downside is that it does not have Bluetooth, but for around £100 I can't complain.

Ian, I will go and have a read. There is a good debate on ZDnet on how well the Fire and the Nook colour will do.

However, neither is promised to Europe anytime soon, so I think they may well feature for Xmas 2012.


Hi Nick,

There's a (somewhat mixed and rambling) review of the Kindle Fire at Mashable here.