Which type of Brexiteer are you?


(James Higginson) #1

(James Higginson) #2

– runs for cover – :wink:

(Roger Bruton) #3

You missed out SO many!!

(Martin Cooper) #4

That was very good James!! :slight_smile:

I like ‘Nice Doris’ and recognise a few ‘Gary’s’ around the forum :slight_smile:


Martin (The Liberal Wet One)

(anon64436995) #5

As I see it, Linda’s thumbs-up and cheeky grin are exactly matched by Frank-the-Crab. Uncanny and worrying revelation.

(Carol Lokocki) #6

Nice Doris seems fine To me if i lived in GB of course.i dont know thé rest of the members of SF sont cant give an opinion