Which type of swimming pool

We are in the process of obtaining devis for installing an inground pool. We were thinking of the poly block and concrete type and have had a couple different of devis. Someone suggested the coque type fibreglass pool but have no knowledge of these. We live in the Charente region. Any advice welcome.

Buy a hot tub…
Swimming Pools are a shocking waste of money unless indoor and you intend to use it every day.
We have a number of properties near us with pools (2 of them covered - one where the cover can be rolled back). The kids at these addresses have now grown up and the pools are hardly used for more than a couple of weeks a year, if that.
All that extra TF to pay!

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Poly block has the major benefit of a good level of insulation, consider insulation on the floor of the pool as well. Rare it would be sprayed on to a fibre glass coque pool, although I did explain this to a manufacturer who agreed to apply foam insulation and would ship to France

We were here a few years before we had our pool installed, so had the benefit of others’ experiences and opinions.
First, try to find an installer that someone you know recommends, especially if it’s going into sloping ground. Ours is a salt pool, 9 x 4.5 m., concrete base, concrete block walls (all thinly insulated, so probably not as good as poly blocks), with Roman steps built in, not a separate plastic addition. The bottom is flat (no deep end), and 1.5m deep. This last is the best advice we could have had. Easy to clean, you can still dive in if that’s your thing, and it warms up very quickly.
We have a plastic slatted cover, solar powered.
We looked at a coque but delivery and access ruled this out, and are glad we didn’t have one.
Finally, a mural decorating the water line gives it all a nice finish.


Thanks for the advice .

Martyn Wood
UCB BioPharma

Good advice G’, “Which type”, imo, Municipal/Public :wink:

Coque pools are known as boat pools for obvious reasons. If the water table on your ground is likely to be an issue that should figure in the decision process

So far we haven’t discussed the plant room, this has a major effect on running costs and ease of maintenance. Absolutely do not consider a mono block filtration system ( skimmer and return in one unit)

I agree Bill.

      Support your local community facilities...
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Haha, clearly you haven’t read the report I have on the amount of urine in public pools :scream:

Was it ever thus John…
From what I read, it’s usually females who do the deed… :roll_eyes:

We were recommended the Bio-UV system for maintaining the water in the pool by our local plumbing supplier - absolutely fabulous, and like swimming in Evian. Works extremely well, and used a lot in the US. Slightly more expensive to run, but well worth it. No dry skin, no chlorine allergies, no ‘yellow’ hair on your children. We have had pools in one country or another for about 30 years, and could not imagine life without one.

If you can afford your own pool, go for it, never mind the children, it will give YOU a lot of pleasure as the years go by…

Thank you. Was becoming a bit disheartened. It’s a big decision so let’s good to have as much good advice as possible.

Just a thought Martyn… have you got Planning Permission to put in a pool ??? :thinking:

As you say, a big decision, as an expensive project. All I can say is that in the recent heatwave, our pool has been my sanity. Not to swim in, but it is always less than normal body temperature, so when you have done a bit of gardening or housework and are hot, sticky and grumpy, a quick dip in the pool is simply wonderful. We finish off most days in the pool with either a glass of rose or an iced coffee sitting on the steps and chatting - best time of the day for Hubble and me.

We also invested in a heat exchanger to warm the pool and extend the season and a roller cover to keep in any heat that we added. An extra cost, which you could always add later, just make provision in the design and installation and add the equipment when funds permit. This cover is also your pool security (either this of an official pool fence are the only two sensible options imho), and saved the life of our trainee guide dog puppy who got his collar tangled around a wrought iron chair and raced around trying to free himself, bouncing into the pool, AND back out again. Without that he would have been at the bottom of the pool in the deep end and unable to move. Bless him, he recovered quickly from his ordeal, it was me that was in pieces, and he is now fully trained guide dog and working in Marseille.

If you go ahead and have any questions at any stage, do get in touch. Happy to give advice on the good and bad elements of the 5 pools we have built over the years.

There is still chlorine in in Evian.
Depending on the use but chlorine gets bad press in media articles because it sells copy.
Chlorine does a fantastic job of keeping millions of pools safe. Bio UV is often hydrogen peroxide and a tiny UV lamp. I have had to straighten out these pools as well over the years.
No dry skin, no chlorine allergies and never seen yellow hair caused by chlorine

Hi Sandra

Thanks very much. May have a few more questions for you. Just waiting for another Devi to come.

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At least public pools are usually bigger, so it should be more dilute :+1:

More suppliers! How many pee in their own pool?
The complaints against pools and chlorine are usually from the memories of poorly run municipal indoor pools. These issues do not exist in domestic outdoor pools.