Which way do you hug yours?

Well, go on, admit it!

I can honestly answer all of the above!

Yep, all of those! Ant way they will accept it! The belly hug Was Charlie at 4:30 this morning, jumped straighton my bladder, then got grumpy cos I got out of bed!!!!He has taken to sleeping on my hair, it doesnt bother me, I suppose it is like sleeping with another cat?????

Love it ... all of the above here too ... except perhaps the Heat Pad Hug ... 8 kgs doesn't sit that well on my rather ample tum!

I thought it was fun, we have a semi-wild girl who is good with us but doesn't like cuddles too much, on occasion she will have burp hugs though and purrs for France at the same time!

How interesting, my well-proportioned lad gets Ledge Hugs, but maybe that's just because he's such an armful, it distributes the weight better.

Mine get mainly Teddy Hugs - and lots and lots of kisses :wink:

Me too Lynn, with six suspects wandering around the house, I am guilty of all. There are probably more Belly Hugs happening, though. It's such a quick, on-the-go way to get some loving in!

Thanks for sharing this darling cartoon.

I think it depends on the shape of the cat too! We have one that is quite 'round' and he loves belly hugs!!

Yes Lynn - all of the above and some more!!! Poor Toby, no wonder he goes around with a resigned look on his little face!