Whipping cream

Can anyone advise my wife on which cream to buy for whipping, and what’s the equivalent to double cream, to be used for cakes etc.

I tend to use something like this…
for everything, whipping and double. Our local market has absolutely wonderful cream but you certainly wouldn’t whip it (possibly stir a spoonful into dishes) as if you turn the pot upside down it all stays put!

I’ve found I make a lot of icecream here and the sort of cream (has to be entiere) that I’ve linked works for everything. Lidl do a nice bio one…

Use creme fleurette 30% fat.

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Previously discussed if you search the old postings. Something with at least 30% fat or add stabiliser.

Many of the cream brands will have symbols on them to indicate whether they will whip successfully, or indicate somewhere that it is “Crème à fouetter”. I know one brand has the symbol of one whip, two whips, three whips…

If I’m goi g to eat cream then it has to be worth the calories so I would go for 30% fat +.

This is what you need. The rest are a lot less satisatisfactory, I used to make the mixture myself but now you can buy it off the shelf.

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Whats in it to thicken it?


Ah at least its natural. On another forum someone used a product know to be a irritating to the gut.
I keep meaning to try xanthum gum with the cream

You prompted me to look again - the ingredients are: cream, carragheenanes (in the liquid cream to stabilise it), mascarpone, powdered milk, sugar.
I shall not be buying it again, because I don’t see why it needs eg sugar or powdered milk or indeed carragheen. It is a pity because it is convenient and does whip beautifully. Back to making the mixture at home without additives.

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This made me smile. It took me years to find what we use as “normal cream” Finally I have found the most Devine cream. Available at Grand Fraise and now at Leclerc. Montaigu. Creme Pour Proffessionnel. It’s the only cream I have since I found it. 1litre boxes found on the shelf at leclerc and in the fridge section at Grand Fraise. Tastes like real cream. Beats to nice thick cream, can be used in cooking, baking, for scones and cream. You will never use another.

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Out of interest - which Leclerc?

I was hoping to find e a really thick double cream to have with apple pie, but I have failed on this near impossible quest so far.

Try creme fraiche d’Isigny

I have tried it - doesn’t match up unfortunately

I agree, it’s very good even though the packaging is so dreary and off-puttingly soviet-style - I also buy it at The Big Strawberry :wink:

How about the thick greek yoghurt, doesn’t taste like yoghurt but does have similar properties and good in the mouth?

I have never seen that Vero. To replace double cream I use fleurette and mascarpone.
There is also Creme de Bresse Gastronomique which is 40%.

That’s what I had been doing - we discovered the ready mixed one when we were shopping, one of the girls found it and said look they’ve copied you :wink: it is next to the butter in the hyper Inter

Double cream has 48% fat

whipping Cream has 40% fat content

The Cream found in most supermarkets in France is 30%

You have a couple of options

1 Add a cream stabilizer (little sachets of a chemical powder) available in most supermarkets

2 whip the 30% cream and add a tub of marscapone cheese to the whipped cream

It is the contents of that little sachet that causes concern, often a stomach gut irritant. I will test adding a little xanthum gum which isnt known to cause problems.

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