White vinegar for weeds

Thanks for all the responses on bamboo. Will pass on your comments.

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Hi Mandy,

I have dealt with bamboo before. It has to be taken care of in the same manner as any plant that thrives via extensive root network… That is to say, one has to contain the network. So, if all of the bamboo must be removed, it can’t just be cut down, it must be dug up so that all roots are removed. If one wants to have a small area of bamboo, it’s possible to try to contain within an area, by creating a barrier sunk fairly deeply into the ground. But still, a plant is a plant and it will do its best to propagate. So, even with a barrier in the ground, one has to watch for wayward shoots pressing up outside of the barrier. Thankfully, the wayward shoots are easier to remove if one has spotted them early on. It’s just a matter of checking regularly, especially during the warmer months.

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Thank you Mary.

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