Who Does James think he is?

When the Wiltshire Town of Swindon was the fastest growing in Western Europe, I ran a full service marketing agency, right in the Centre.

Because if its accessible infrastructure, central position and lower overhead costs, there was already an established and diverse town full of institutions,agencies, SMEs, PLCs etc. already, but in the 80s and beyond there was an influx of companies who relocated their HQs, and even manufacturing or service centres into this New-Town Hub.

WH Smith, Honda, The Post Office, Renault UK, Motorla, Marconi, The Water Research Centre, The Book-club, Woolworth's ( remember them? ) and so on.

Many of these were our cients,

One of the services we offered was an audit of say their: marketing strategy, or a corporate identity review, customer care reviews etc.

One element was a Staff Loyalty /Team building Modules.

Allowed free access, our practitioners would spend several days with the workforce networking and building a profile.. Questionaires were sent to the customer base too, and the same questions were posed which is INCLUDING the following.

If you imagined the bosses ( directors, team leaders, presidents, chairman ) as a group of historical characters who would they be?

For example lets take SFH. You might decide is a dead ringer for the Sherwood forest story.

Clearly James would be Robin of Loxley, Maid Marion who else? Friar Tuck is Brian and so on.

So on your opinion, who are the rest of the cast from the members that most of us know?


Who do you think you are out there?

Who would be Will Scarlet?

Little John?

The Evil Sherrif of Nottingham?

Your choices, and why?

Answers on an e postcard Please


HOW Do YOU envisage the SF COMMUNITY in History? and why

How about?....










Please let us know.

If SFN were TOY Story,

who would BUZZ LIGHTYEAR be?

Sales motto: If you don't have a spoon you'll never be a goon, if you do you'll sweel fearly rell... (a triple - it's a good day tomorrow, or was it Thursday last before the second green moon on the left downstairs?)

Perhaps its has a thesaurus for people to croon and spoon by the moon till they swoon like a loon in the madness of June - I knew her well, until she got ill (listening to my gobbledigook).

There is a new App

"Spoon till You Swoon"

Got the lot, built in Thesaurus, 100,000,000 guaranteed minimum word combos , supports 212 languages...£4.99


come and have a spoon, it's swite queezy

you have to watch them Brian, they can creep up on you, as Betty Swollocks used to say

Yank thou - ooooh, dodgy spooner there!

Spotted Brian

Friar Tuck is a non spooner, repeat a non spooner

Thank you.

Raibeart Ruadh, or Rob Roy MacGregor in English money, would be a good romantic notion but nerry wid' I restore a monarch... Chelsea rather than the team you mentioned, we share the ecclectic fortunes. Vitruvian Man, perhaps not after the number of times I have been asked to keep my hands to myself by damsels in distress or another dress, who knows, but four arms! Actually, as an archer rather than a crossbow man (never tried one even) I might be more like one of Robin's sharpest shots, Will Scarlett was the one who won contests I believe. No perhaps just Erich Mühsam in Ascona in line with the above...

Perhaps you are

The Man of many Seasons

The illustrated Man

Vitruvian Man

Man United

The Pointing Man


Do you know, I was thinking of William Tell, whilst your were making overtures. Who would be the Herman Monster?

Friar Tuck, a man of many habits. Perhaps you're more Rab Roy

Just a thought: Do NOT Spooner Friar Tuck! It will get you in deep dudu with Robin and Marion!

Amended Steve,

thanks for spotting.

there is a word missing Steve, thank you.


"When the Wiltshire of Swindon was the fastest growing in Western Europe,"

There's a word missing from this phrase surely ?

Look mate, I only weigh 76k or thereabouts so Friar Tuck is a bit imprecise. I am undoubtedly one of the Bash Street Kids though. I guess being an anthropologist and very political I have made my choice about who, where and when long ago and see myself actually in the late 19th Century in one of the so-called 'anarchist' communes near Locarno in Switzerland. The difference is that this time we would make sure Karl Marx was kept in his proper place, as brilliant as he was, and that late aspirants like Lenin and his ilk were never born so that the abberation of a Soviet Union that came about would never be and also those of an essentially Prouhonist ideology kept the balance with industrial society thinkers like Marx. That way socialism would have become a force for peace and progress that may well have prevented the first world war and would certainly as a consequence have averted the second. I believe it was an important point in history at which the world could have been steered in a better, generally peaceful and certainly better balanced direction. We would also have kept the balance between urban/industrial and rural/agronomic better balanced, thus preserved our planet far better than we have thus far. It is probable that many of the great discoveries of the 20th century would still have been made, perhaps a little later because they would not be driven by wars, but because the bases of many of them was already in place by the middle of the 19th century they were fairly inevitable. That is the place in human history I regret not having lived and when I have thought about it in the past where I feel right.

Where would I like to seen that has changed, particularly as the anthro? I think Tibet whilst it was a Buddhist country and despite an oppressive monarchy was one of the most balanced societies on our planet until modernity.