Who here has Experiences with found / lost hunting dogs in France?

Pain in the rear end. There is a particularly Houdini like couple who get out far too often. Fortunately they are scared stiff of our GSD. They come from the adjoining commune so our maire phones their maire who contacts the owner to warn him (yet again). Most of them have bells so you can hear them coming but even whilst I was out with the hunt Sunday two weeks ago a hunter one of the dogs did not know was bitten. Most are docile around humans, given how badly many are treated, but some just have plain vengeance in there somewhere and make humans pay for what has been done to them.

Thanxs Jane, this is sufficient information! So if the owner is doing a search and goes to the local SPA, he will have the dog chipped. I like this chipping, it demands more responsibility and not "cest la vie" ;-)

Hihi, here at the Mairie they said I should bring the dog to the vet. Which I did and it was good to learn that the lost dog was at least not ill or carried a disease which in turn could have effected my dogs... No collar, not tattoo, no chip... and it was a young one. The vet said he will contact the SPA.

Please see this Phoenix guide, "What to do if you have found a dog"