Who is visiting your bird table this autumn?

I was really worried earlier on in the year 'cos there seemed to be a dearth of Blue Tits.

But I'm thrilled to see a few back, gracing our bird table.

We have, of course, the ubiqutous sparrows, greenfiches & tourtorelles.

The Great Tits, dive down, grab a sunflower seed then head into the trees to peck vigourously at it.

We make a mix of sunflower seeds, wheat & crushed maize.

The antics of the bird table give us great delight, but presumably we give the birds pleasure in knowing there is food at "Chez Pascoe" !!

Sadly we don’t have Marsh Tits or Nuthatches, but we do live in a coastal region.Perhaps not ideally suited to these types of birds. But we have our comedians, in so far as the greenfinches(namely Mme Greennfinch)who sits in the bowl of food & defies anyone else to approach.
This morning, we had a host of sparrows of both varieties chucking seed EVERYWHERE !!!
Our tourtourelles give us pleasure, but sadly our 2 tame ones have succumbed to a local cat.
In the spring, we get the Jackdaws from the Chateau who invade, but only when they have fledglings.
Would be interested to know what other birds people see in their gardens.
We, of course, get the Hoopoe,busy little bird, in the spring & summer, but has now gone.