Who regularly gets a copy of the Radio Times, and how do you get it?

Having been subscribing for many years to the Radio Times to get details of UK TV & Radio programmes, we can now buy it, for €2.60, in our local Maison de la Presse. (The UK price is £1.80, so it's quite a bargain.) It's been available in shops elsewhere for some time, but too far away to go regularly. In these parts, close to Geneva, there's both excellent UKTV satellite reception and loads of Anglophone expats, so there is clearly a significant demand for the magazine.

It appears that the foreign newspaper/magazine distribution system in France must be quite efficient as there always appears to be next week's edition available by the Friday of the current week. Unfortunately, that has not always been the case when subscribing and getting delivery by post. This despite the fact that the copies appear to be airlifted to Roissy & posted from there with some kind of Presse - Prioritaire designation. Weeks when there was a holiday, either in France or the UK, it was all but certain that the Radio Times would arrive several days too late. The month of May, of course, was a nightmare in this respect.

What I'd be interested to hear is other people's experiences. Can you get it locally or do you subscribe? You might also think it's a waste of money, especially as you can get the programme details online. There are, however, those of us, generally with greying or missing hair, who actually find the paper version more convenient. On top of that, my wife likes the puzzle pages!

This is exactly the question I am asking, six years later! I haven’t seen RT in the local Maisons de la Presse and would like to order it, partly for an elderly relative currently staying with us who would prefer the paper edition. However, before we fork out 140 euros on a subscription, it would be good to know if it will arrive on time; my experience with another UK paper publication is not good! Anyone out there with experience of an RT paper subscription in France?
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Neither, I always get it for free online here:-

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Ask you local maison de presse, as they might be able to confirm that if you get it from them you’ll get it on time. Shop local…court circuit!

The RT and lots of other UK mags. disappeared from supermarkets around here about 6 months ago. On asking where they were we were told that the distributor had gone bust. There have been no UK magazines ( or newspapers ) around here since then.

The same thing in our neck of the woods.