Who remembers Shergar?

**Anyone remember the famous Shergar? **


Might I ask you why you put I smell a rat? That is not nice.

Agreed Victoria - my apologies. I’ve changed my reply to ‘Yes’.

quite naturally following on…
Anyone remember Lord Lucan… ???

Yes… :wink:

I have just asked to be deleted from this group.
All best wishes.
I don’t like remarks that are uncalled for.

This seems bizarre… Lord Lucan is somewhere with Shergar… isn’t he ???

Sorry but there is being sensitive and then there is taking things wayyyy to seriously


Any connection with Findus…(find us maybe)


is that straight from the horse’s mouth… ??? :smile::rofl:

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Now then Bob… fish fingers… from a horse… I know Shergar was special… but not that special… :hushed:

They (horses) have other uses in the world of frozen ready meals, Stella…I realise seahorse may have been stretching it a little, but didn’t the Irish have a horse related “meat problem” a few years back ?

I am more curious to know why there are several anon’s here?

Not just the Irish Bob

James felt that the posts were a little too bizarre and terminated the author('s account).


While we are still on-topic… what was the final “thinking” about Shergar… did the horse end up in someone’s stable (providing winners of the future)… or did the poor thing get put down… ??

Glue, probably.

Anyone remember when the pound was worth something ?

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Poor Shergar, so unfair. Very sad.