Who wants a labrador puppy?

Hello everyone.

Our baker in Puyoo owns a 5 month old golden labrador puppy. She is very sweet but because she is on her own so often and not walked enough, she keeps escaping her tiny garden. The owner told me that he is thinking seriously about giving her away, for free, to some people who would love dogs with time to look after her properly. I told him that I wanted to help so, there you go. If anybody is interested in getting a very sweet puppy, please contact me and i will pass him your details or/and take care of any translation. damesuzanne@hotmail.com

Cheers everyone


Hi Pamela, Sorry for my late reply, but the baker found someone who really wanted a dog, so everything is fine for this little one. I hope anyway, you are right, Lynn, some people don't realize anything when it comes to pets; We seem to have some sort of radar for lost dogs and cats. I can't remember a year where my husband and I didn't find a dog or a cat who needed care, who were abandoned. Today, Chris found a young black "Labradorish" dog. She has tons of flees, so bad ,that in some parts, the skin is red with a rash. We found out by the vet that this dog "belonged" ( no identification on the dog to proove anything) to some woman's son but the mother doesn't want to look after this dog anymore. The dog had been gone for three days and if she would have come back, she would have taken her to the SPA. Her son doesn't look after this dog and she doesn't want to do it either. There. So of course, I have the dog with me. She is really sweet. But i already have a dog and two cats and i would rather let her go to a home where people love pets and will look after her. Of course, if nobody wants her, we will keep her but we know the cost of looking after a pet , as I say, we already have 3.

So here is a picture of her. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want more informations. The woman told me she comes from the spa. I don't think she has any vaccination and she is not sterilized.

My email damesuzanne@hotmail.com

Cheers everyone.


Please have a look before taking on any animal, this applies to dogs as well as cats!

Hi Suzanne, is it possible to have a photo of the puppy? We've been 'dogless' for 1½ years except for dog-sitting. Is the puppy good with cats? Is she spayed, does she have any other behaviour issues other than escaping? Thanks.