Who'd have thought it?

A piece in my ‘Oldie’ caught my eye. Apparently we oldies are too randy. I thought it might amuse, if nothing else. :joy:

A friend tells me that his grandfather is having an awful time at the moment: ‘My grandmother has lost her marbles and thinks she’s 18 again – her libido is through the roof.’

Excellent news for Grandpa, surely? Not so: ‘Rather than fancying my grandfather, she seems pretty taken with everyone else in the home. She keeps being returned to my grandfather in the dead of night, having had it off with one of the other residents. His lasting memory of her isn’t going to be of the wonderful loyal wife she had been, but of a rampant hussy.’

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Yes, I’ve seen that and it’s a bit sad. Equally with Parkinson’s anything that was passionate interest can become an obsession. Be it the opposite sex or stamp collecting.

Which is ignoring the subject of those who try to stave off the physical changes that come with age and end up looking like scary cartoons.