Thought I would share my good fortune with you, I have found an English Hairdresser, he works from home but said he would do groups in homes, Cut my hair the other day and he is so good. And his prices are so reasonable.

His name is Kendal, he lives in Moncassain ( sorry for spelling) Nice chap,

Phone 0562 666519 or 0682 103447

Also has a wbsite www.londonbarber.weebly.com

Yes, I am thrilled to bits, the other hairdressers I have been to have been heavy handed with the sizzors and down right expensive,

I dont know but he has a little car, give him a ring or he has an email d32300@gmail.com

Interestingly, a lady hairdresser asked me for directions outside my house last week.
She had been directed to “La Maison Anglaise” by other villagers, but was indeed looking for some other British neighbours - she spoke very good English, so I guess there must be some other hairdressers out there keen for British business like here - good that you have found one though.

Wow! And how far will he travel…Or should we book an SFN coach trip?!