Whoops! Whats up?

Don’t know whats going on here, out in the ‘bundoo’, went through a wee hamlet earlier, couple of kliks away, two trucks full of heavily armed soldiers :confused:

Maybe its the mole patrol Bill :hugs:


:grin: Bit of ‘Over Kill’, don’t you think? :thinking:

Not the Mole Patrol Ann, apparantly there are Army Manoeuvers in the area :slightly_smiling_face:
We did have a serious manhunt here recently, loads of Police and Helicopters, not a word about that sort of stuff, when we bought the place :roll_eyes:

Maybe when you bought the place there weren’t too many 'manhunts ', looks like they have progressed from mole hunting to the more serious stuff! Stay inside, lock the doors and open the whisky ! :wink:

Seriously I do remember many many years ago when there were ‘agricultral problems’ shall I say in this region, during the early hours of the morning there were some convoies of dead animals shifted around (according to French neighbours) and we did hear the noise of lorries ,unusual here. All hush, hush, sometimes, maybe, it’s better not to enquire too closely !

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I’ll go along with that Ann :+1:

I used to go on nightex a bit in Chepstow Woods, back when I was 2lt (Glosters) I can’t imagine what any locals who saw us thought we might be up to.
Oh for the days of ratpack porridge with rolos stirred into it for breakfast…


:+1: V’ L’ :slightly_smiling_face:

they just turn up at times and do manoeuvres. good to go to different places keep the soldiers on their toes

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We have a clear notice on the Mairie website

I don’t know exactly where Bill is located but I do know that it isn’t far from us.

Years ago I was in Brittany, probably Perros Guirec or Treguier when the French military were there clearing up after the Amoco Cadiz tanker. We were eating in a creperie and during our meal, one at a time, four or five soldiers magically appeared behind the bar before staggering out. It turned out that before we had arrived there had been a massive punch up there and the casualties had been placed out of sight behind the bar to come around/sober up/wake up.

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We are about 20k from the La Courtine military camp, always lots of “manoeuvres” going on. Sometimes hear the heavy guns firing on the ranges and see paratroopers jumping out of planes on the plateau. Once they used a main battle tank as a roadblock!

Armed Gendarmes turned up at the farm a few years ago looking for an escaped dangerous animal, we could not make out what Animal they were talking about until one of them did an interpretation of a Kangaroo jump, wish i’ve had filmed him doing it.

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Blimey thats a while ago Domonic, I remember sailing past the A’ C’ when she was on the rocks, I was on my way back from the Med’ via the Chenal du Four, 'twas a sad sight!

I can remember standing in the cliffs watching the smoke out at sea where they were trying to burn off the Torry Canyon oil slick as well.

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Both tragic, and avoidable events.