Who's been on the Shuttle from Calais to Folkstone recently?

As mentioned recently somewhere in one of the postings, OH and I are returnng to the UK for good due to his mild but increasing dementia and the need for him to be back in the family bossom. Because he is in a wheelchair and we have two dogs, I am planning to take the channel tunnel (Shuttle) route, which is how we originally arrived in France.

However, shame on me, I have been reading the Daily Mail online again and I am getting a little worried about the immigrant problems in and around Calais and how we will be affected/troubled.

Am I over-reacting, having a senior moment or what ?

I should clarify! I want to thank the two replies to me concerning returning to UK that replied to my original comment :-) I remain curious how things will be/have changed, why the move for some, and to wish returnees all the best.....

Thanks both for your replies...sorry to delay a reply - my old windows8 2006 computer is now not able to get any updates, and I've had probs trying to get online properly without my system either crashing and/or freezing on me half the time :-( And there was me blaming the next-door neighbour's computer mad son for hogging the available line capacity all the time....I still don't know how this all works really!

Hi David we were in France for 5 years and after the 1st year I was so bored, missing the family, I tried doing voluntary work but found the French very unfriendly in the dog rescue where I worked. I hated the winters as everything was closed but liked going to the beach in summer…I did 2 French classes a week but just couldn’t seem to settle with too much time and not enough to do…we had French and English friends but it just wasn’t the same as our friends here who know us inside out…have absolutely no regrets on returning even with the traffic jams…if you are lucky enough to have a holiday home in France all the better.

As part of a couple who've been here 11 years and is planning to return to UK in the future (but also hoping to keep a holiday home here for as long as poss) we're always curious as to the various reasons for return, and how the returnees are doing after a while...ie, any shocks, nice or otherwise, tips for re-intergration, etc...

Would also like to add my warmest best for your return, both, too.

Hello Doreen

We came over yesterday and everything was alright.

There is a lot more security in place however it didn't cause us a problem.

You say you are bringing your dogs over I am assuming they are chipped and you have pet passports for them as thjis will need to be in place. As long as that is the process of checking them in is easy and done prior to you checking in all very clear NOW at the Tunnel.

On a personal note I know you don't know me but I wish you happiness in the coming years, as so many families we have been touched by dementia.

Bon Courage


I am a regular user of the tunnel especially when Newhaven-Dieppe is charging silly money. I drive a UK registered Volvo diesel estate and invariably stop off at the Auchan filling station in Coquelles, less than a mile away from the terminal, to top up to the brim after a 240mile drive from home.

Being a closet mail online reader myself I will admit to being a little wary whilst doing this especially as these refuelling stops are usually in the wee small hours but have never had any encounters so far - and I have been living here 8 years now.

That said when I returned on Wednesday evening (May 13th 2015) it was still daylight around 9pm and there was a long queue of stationary lorries heading into the terminal backed up nearly to the motorway and for the first time I was witness to several large groups of immigrants marching along the slip roads and crowding around the lorries (almost used the word swarming then - definitely too much Mail Online), opening the back doors and climbing aboard. Clearly causing a big headache for the hauliers and immigration officials as they were no doubt having to go over every lorry to extract them hence the long queue.

As I passed one group very closely some turned and grinned at me and at no time did I feel in the slightest bit threatened.


We travel frequently via the tunnel, and I have got to say for the last few months since all the mass news coverage of immigrants near the Calais port, the GD have vans sitting at all areas around the Tunnel preventing them from getting near the place ,we haven't seen any immigrants around or near the tunnel complex so its seems quite safe during daylight hours, the ferry however , ok again in daylight but people in the shadows at night , especially when your queuing in a truck .. but again plenty of security and GD about.

We came back to England 2 years ago and was accepted straight away into the NHS…it was so easy to connect back into all services in England. Good Luck for your return.

It used to be that if you returned to live permanently in UK from France that you were not entitled to NHS treatment immediately upon your return.
This has changed from 6th April of this year.

Let’s hope that you have a wonderful summer to remember.
You will now be accepted i to the NHS straightaway, which is an improvement.
I still have not had a satisfactory reply as to how the rest of us continuing to live in France are to access treatment.
We will miss your incisive contributions.


Sorry to hear you are going so soon Doreen. Have a safe trip and keep in touch with SFN wont you? xx

Like that one Katherine, such lovely company bet he purred all the way.

Doreen, ypu do not need to worry. You will not see any one other than your fellow passengers.
Make sure your doors are locked until after you have checked in.
It is extremely straightforward.

We came back last Monday and were surprised to (for the first time) see them running across the motorway near the Tunnel but there was no sign of them at all near the areas which cars use; I presume you will be in nothing larger than a people carrier and I would imagine if you do stop at an aire before Calais then there should be no risk at all; they are surely targeting commercial vehicles?

So please don't spend any time concerning yourselves on this account; I am sure you have plenty better things to do.

I do it often and did it a couple of weeks ago with my two dogs and my old cat.

it is never a problem though the guy at customs does smile when he sees my cat in the front seat and asks me if I have anyone else in the car... the cat just looked at him and you could almost imagine the thought bubble above his head as he paused whilst grooming himself....

i don't think you need to worry Doreen. You will have a place booked for a time slot. All you need to do is try and contrive to get to the eurotunnel for the suggested check in. The drive in is well protected and most who try to stowaway are interested in commercial vehicles. However don't stop within 50k of the terminal if you want to be sure. The Daily Mail really is a disgrace whether on paper or on-line it's continually stoking up the illegal immigration business in ordr to push forward its anti-EU agenda.