Who's using LinkedIn?

If you use LinkedIn and want to grow your network, post a link to your LI profile here so we can connect.

Mine is https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jamesehigginson

Just quit Linkedin. No matter how I tell them to stop spamming me they just keep on doing it so I have deleted my account and added them to the 'junk' folder.

I wonder how long it will take them to mail me a different way?

I would just like to say that from scratch myself and my partner built up a very successful business employing over 100 people and turning over £10million which we sold a few years back which in turn funded a retirement to france for my wife and myself.

I still go back to dorset on a regular basis meeting up with a lot of business people and the unwritten word is Lxxxxxx is not taken seriously amongst us, the general feeling is that if you are struggling to make your business model work then you join.

What do you mean Michael?

I guess you're speaking from experience ;)

Be careful updating people. I did that without caution a while before Christmas and suddenly found myself contacting everybody who is connected to somebody who is connected to somebody who is connected to somebody... Fortunately a few people from my address lists that it snatches sent apologies or another message toe explain they don't use it. Fine. However, I had hundreds of requests to link. Linked in has passed its prime though and come to a stage where people I collaborate with who I linked with back in 2002/03 when it started have stopped using it because it is overwhelming to the point of simply swamping people and those offering work no longer use it anyway. So, it depends what your purpose is.

Yes professional loser's.

Thanks James, here it is! We're already linked but if any other SFNers are interested...



Can't say I have found that a problem at all.



L J Phillips linkedin profile

Have always found LI a very useful way of keeping up with business contacts, as well as making new ones. I don't see any relationship to Facebook though? It's uniquely for professional use.

This is mine https://fr.linkedin.com/in/louisedoddrell


I use it for my students who need to show prospective employers that at least one teacher accepts to be publicly connected with them!

Hmm, as far as I know I don't recall trying to connect - unless you have something to do with Old Cars?

It's the same networking business of course, and I do give free and open circulation to all and sundry and so others can use it as well, but on that basis it wouldn't be direct from me.

Let's be honest it's all about listbuilding and hoping somewhere along the line some will be interested enough to vist the website. I DO know that since I started using Linkedin and Pinterest our website has received more than ten times the number of visits (2015) than 2014, but I have no way of checking the Amazon and Kindle ones, other than a consistent 15-20 sales a month.

Here's mine. I think you and I are already linked, James. :)


I can't remember how many times you have wanted to connect with me on Linkedin Norman as you crop up from time to time as does Brian. I really suspect you have never wanted to contact me.

There are others, up to 5 mins ago but I don't want them to connect or they will follow me and my sources around being a bloody nuisance.

It is farcebook only with more people trying to sell crap to others in my circles at least.

Now José wants to connect with me! Does anyone want a hydro massage seat that fits in a swimming pool before I say no to José?

Yes, I'm on it (https://fr.linkedin.com/in/alex-crowe-73387020) and am using it more and more. I've had a couple of jobs through it in the last year or so and – like twitter - you never know where it could lead.

Apparently, Google takes an inbound link from Linkedin much more seriously than Facebook. So, in terms of boosting your Page Rank, it's useful for that alone.

A couple of things I don't like about it are: the pension people who use it to get in touch (fruitlessly, as I left university with an arts degree at the start of the recession that never ended); and the name, which I mentally pronounce Lin-Keddin. I may be alone in that, though.

I used it when I was freelance but have no need now I run a shop. It bought me one job in about 5 years!


I use Linkedin but don't see it as a posh person's Facebook but as a Business-based network. I have very little social contact with anyone on my list, but it does enable me to get my automobile newsletter out to a worldwide selected readership.

Whether it is effective or not is moot as all I am trying to do is get people to visit our main website to see the books offerings - plus amazon and kindle. It is hard to know who are the casual site visitors. As my 'business' is almost all to do with images, I do feel using Pinterest Boards is probably more effective, but the more successful these things become, the more one gets lost in the mass.

I have listed my sites and activities here in various ways, but don't feel SFN is compatible with my business needs, as the members are I suspect people like myself wanting abit of companionable chatter and interchange rather than being pummelled by sales messages.