Who's who near you?

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

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Reading the papers online this morning, I spied a piece in the Telegraph. Various celebrities

were asked where their dream home would be. Unsurprisingly, some of them

chose France as their destination. I applaud their choice.

Michael Morpurgo
, the children’s Poet Laureate fancies a mas

in the Luberon, citing an ability to speak French as a prime motivator,

while Anthony Horowitz would head for the South or the Iles d’Or for a house on the beach. Fast

TGV links made this location appealing to him.

Strong rugged landscapes draw Peter Owen Jones to Corsica, although other locations seem equally as tempting, given his wide travel experiences to date.

The piece set me thinking about others in the public eye who live within a stone’s throw of my home.

Gerard Depardieu
, has a charming chateau at Tigne on the Loire, where he produces some credible wine.

Mick Jagger has a place in the Saumur area, and is the honorary president of the Saumur Cricket club.

Jude Law has a home near Doue la Fontaine.

A friend of mine has worked on the renovations at his home there, and

brought me a piece of the flooring that he was replacing as a little

souvenir. I would have much preferred Mr. Law in person, but the small chunk of wood will suffice I suppose.

Do you have anyone living close to you who is also in the public gaze?

(Jeni Middlehurst) #2

Golly. I live on the border of France and Monaco. We have Jensen Button who share my husband’s favourite pub. Eddie Irvine, Shirley Bassey. The lovely girl in the Gadget Show lives minutes away. Johnny Depp… I could go on and on. I’ve lived here for quite a while now and I’ve been told I’ve shared restaurants and the odd cafe with quite a few of them. I have never seen any of them. I guess I don’t have an observant eye. Niall spots some sometimes on his way to and from work, but me ? Never.

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #3

I suppose they have to live somewhere - strange that we have three in a thirty mile radius - never seen them though!

(Sarah Hague) #4

Laurent Blanc the new France football trainer lives nearby, I think, or at least has a house nearby. Not sure about anyone else.