Why are cars so expensive here?

Hello all,

Newbee again.

I hope as soon as we have coped with the cost of the renovation we will be buying another car to be more fuel efficient than my Range Rover and more roomy than Julia's Fiat Barrchetta. Something like an Audi A4 estate, or a Merc estate? However I am wondering whether to buy in the UK, left hand driver or here? That's why I ask this question?

http://www.autoscout24.ch/fr/voiture/ is probally a bit better...

I can see that David, not tax then?

Thanks Krister.

Are we taking about new cars or used?
If new, you shouldn't look at list prices too much. There are online dealers that propose quite substantial discounts, such as autoplanet.fr
f used, then I would be inclined to explore the markets Germany or Luxembourg. autoscout24.de is not too bad to search.

One of the reasons is probably that there isn't the unending supply of fleet cars and cars which are part of one's "compensation" (what a weaselly word that is) in UK. This drives up the second hand market so new prices aren't subject to the same level of competition. The French also seem to keep their cars longer so the cost to them is amortised over a longer period and they expect a better price when reselling.