Why are there so many auto-entrepreneur sites? Which to use?

Hi All,

I need to inform Urssaf of a house move between departments. I am going to try and use Urssaf directly. However, I thought I would do some prereading of the forum first and going through forum posts I see people recommending a variety of different websites. I have often wondered why there are so many official looking AE sites? Does anyone know if one is better than another? I have used Guichet Entreprise and URSSAF, but I also see posts on Net Entreprise and Portail Auto-entrepreneur to name but two.


I used to use netentreprise for micro declarations etc but as of the end of last year it now redirects you to the main urssaf portal. I suspect they all do. As you say you might as well go straight there :wink:

When I moved departments the chambre de métier insisted that they had to inform everyone and register with them too in the new department for a cost of around 70 euros.
I’m not telling them next time as I never get any letters ,