Why do the French blame M. Putin for everything?

I’m confussed. I watch films in French and I manage to jog along getting 50% of the narrative… but then something bad happens to the hero and the first thing he/she does is blame the Russian president?

I know Putin is a s.o.b but you can’t blame him for everything!


Hur Hur Hur. That’s why we call him Poutine and not Putin :grin:


You should have mentioned this earlier… :roll_eyes:

that explains why there was so much laughter yesterday afternoon when we and the neighbours were discussing the currrent goings-on… :rofl: :hugs:


Or even, as a typo I saw elsewhere yesterday had it - Putain. :rofl:

Fr people in Germany love having a good snigger in the supermarket because turkey is called Pute and of course seeing the word ‘please’ (bitte) written down is side-splitting.
Those sausage ball things called frankfurter bites or any similar apero thing called bites have them rolling in the aisle when they go to GB, just as posters on shop windows saying a sale is on are highly amusing. Oh yes sophisticated intellectual humour we love it.

I’m sure the Canadiens find that hilarious.

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They have their own weirdness - for us gosses are children, for them they are testicles.


So not unrelated then. :wink:

I have a good friend who loves poutine, and claims it to be the source of her ‘smooshy’ thighs. :roll_eyes: She and her husband introduced us to the weirdness of tourtiere (the version they showed us tasted like a pasty, served with maple syrup).

My first encounter with Québécois:
“On se branle bien dans ton char”
which didn’t at all mean what I, somewhat shocked, thought it might, but instead means that your car has good suspension…

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Lol a gossoon in Irish means a lad, derived from the Gaelic word garsún, very close to your gosse and even closer to Garçon .

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:joy::joy::joy: I’m glad you said that, I was going to say that very phrase but decided not to shock anyone :grin: