Why do we argue?

Yes, I have noticed that some SFN members cannot stop arguing in certain threads.

Freedom of expression is accepted , we live in a democratic country,so we have the right to express ourselves, but when the administrators have to close a thread for the same reasons, I am wondering if the British are really as civilised as I thought?

Or, are there other nationalities on SFN?

No comment !

"Why do we argue ? "

Well John probably because we are people and people argue. It's in our make up to argue. How is it possible to have pages of opinions which don't differ from page to page ? Arguement, disagreements can be civilised, rude, heated or a complete slanging match. Is this a bad thing tho' ? When opinions get to the mud-slinging or personal insult stage then the line has to be drawn. I enjoy exercising the mind and the occasional heated debate helps me a lot !

I would like to think i'm in both your categories John. I can actually be informative (occasionally !) and I do treat the SFN as a Social Network which is what it's intended to be in my opinion. I started about 18 months back after losing my good lady. I needed something as I found the solitude quite difficult to bear at times. SFN offered me a kind of lifeline socially. The support I received has been amazing and I thank you all for that.

I accept, somewhat reluctantly at times other members' opinions tho' I don't consider myself any better or worse than anyone else. I find it impossibel to agree with all the comments so I have the choice, either keep quiet or give an opinion. If that's construed as being arguementative then so be it.

Probably wise.

No comment!

Or that pub where I drop in and "crack" a few heads together :)

Go and have a virtual beer on me and Mr H boys and stop squabbling!!

Vic, Two quick points. One you don't know what the word craic means and secondly have you ever found a pub you really like but every time you drop in there a few old codgers at the end of the bar holding court?

I just think it's because we're people & that's what people do. Arguing & wandering off topic that is. I can't begin to imagine how excruciatingly boring it would be here if it became a question & answer forum & I for one wouldn't be here. Now I realise that would suit some but I'd miss the craic & the friends I've made . Lighten up folks ! This place has a winning formula which seems to attract an ever increasing number of followers so go with the flow. It's an informative place for them who want information & a place to chew the fat for those of a less serious disposition. What's wrong with that ? :-)

Exactly. As the years roll by I'm becoming too easily distracted myself. I hate getting to the end of a thread and not being able to remember why I started reading it.

I know all that Julian and I've no problem with it. The question was "why do we argue?" and my answer was because fact is mixed with (sometimes flaky) opinion. In my view the balance can sometimes be tipped too far towards a chat room which can obscure the real value that's to be had on this site. Wading through the former to get to the latter can be tedious. Maybe the solution is to have a "chat" thread, a philosophical thread, a meaning of life thread..... I don't know?

Some 19-th century guy hit the nail etc... with "It's impossible to convince an ignorant men in argument" and I rest my case... LOL

Oh, in that case I wan’t in the least trying to be funny. There are those that use this resource as a source of, hopefully reliable, information (I regard myself in that category)and there are those that use it as a social network. The two purposes do not necessarily coexist happily.

Nice car. I'm pleased for you but I think you know I was referring to your post Mon. last about rows. Difficult to get things to follow chronologically sometimes.

No Vic, the Morgan is real :-)

Very amusing John. You were trying to be funny weren't you ?

I’ll happily drive you around Shirley but I couldn’t do it full time. Would a Morgan Plus 4 suffice :- Bit bumpy but good fun nevertheless.

Because he must have got it from my OH, who used to drive me mad saying that!

there are other nationalities on sfn! So? You should see what is happened in French or German forums. No, you see the difference is the recent vote FOR Scottland staying in the UK, - and compare this to the upcoming events in Catalonia, the civilisation is shining through. Well, the Wycliffe's Bible is a good example for a forum where a "admin" just killed it... ;-)

You have a filthy mind my girl, shame on you !!! KNEE still swollen by the way.

No news yet. There are quite a few houses like mine in the area for sale so i'm not holding my breath tho' i'm chuffed to have had a visit at least ! I did loads of work (makeover ?) to try to make the property more appealing, I even dropped the price a bit so we'll see

When I hit 50, a work colleague gave me a badge saying "Be reasonable. Do it my way". Now I wonder why he did that?